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About the Author

Joseph F. Mailander is a writer of fiction, non-fiction, political and cultural reviews, and poetry.

He is the author of the novels The Fugitive Trail Angel, The Strong God Glittering, and The Plasma of Terror. The Plasma of Terror has also been collected with two other post-Soviet Bloc short stories in his wartime American suite New World Triptych.

His book of poems, The Paris Tarot, presents a poem for every card in a Tarot deck.

Joseph also writes nonfiction: LA at Intermission: A City Mingling Towards Identity describes "a city that lacks gravitas, that yaks it up, snapping selfies, dreaming much and doing little, mostly satisfied enough with itself to be willingly distracted from the grand cycle, which was already far from riveting."

His earlier nonfiction book, Days Change at Night: Notes on LA's Decade of Decline, 2003-2013, combines a street-level cultural experience of Joseph's home town with a privileged view of the declining political life of the city.

Joseph has also contributed over 200 pieces of cultural criticism, opinion journalism, and political analysis to the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News, Downtown News, LA Alternative Press, LA Weekly, Zócalo, CityWatch, Reason Magazine, and many other publications.

Since 2003 he has also founded, published, and edited some of LA's most notable, esteemed, and influential cultural and political blogs, and he has contributed to many financial and business sites, including Forbes, Purch, Money Map Press and Angry Tiger.

In business, at the turn of the millennium Joseph was a vice president of Union Bank. In local government, he managed the City of Los Angeles's private Percent-for-Art program in the early 1990's. Immediately after college, he worked in law, notably on the fraud side of the U. S. v. General Dynamics Corp. (1987) case, and then in the defense industry until early 1991. He has also held media positions in two nominee presidential campaigns, Ronald Reagan's 1980 campaign and John Kerry's campaign of 2004.

A native Angeleno, Joseph attended Columbia University and UCLA. He lived in Westwood and West Hollywood before settling in Los Feliz in 1990.  He now divides his time between Los Feliz and the central coast of California.

A listing of most work appears on this page.