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Monday, 1 May – Underestimated is the tangled pale traces of the decaying of a backyard super bloom.
Tuesday, 2 May – weird night at Union Station last night – I suppose May Day protests had law enforcement and commercial proprietors on edge – but by the time we got to Drago Centro, which has never let us down, we were able to celebrate our anniversary in fine style. This morning, four Tiffany roses on a single stem from the backyard.

Monday, May 8 – The introductory material for the second part of the fourth novel in my series became too long, so I split the part into two parts.

Friday, May 12 – My rose display to-day was devoted to roses named for mothers, including some notorious and ill-starred ones. Left to right are Ingrid Bergman, Anne Boelyn, Queen Margrethe (still regent of Denmark – rose named in '91), Judy Garland, Ma Perkins, Queen Elizabeth (named for the present monarch in 1955, and the first "grandiflora" rose), Lady Emma Hamilton (that Hamilton woman), Grande Dame, Madame Butterfly (which will celebrate its centenary in 2018), and...a nod to the mother country, Beautiful Britain.

Wednesday, May 17 – The day after the last LA election of the Garcetti era – ushering the winners into shamefully extended 5 1/2 year terms – we can safely say by all real measures that the hallmarks of the mayor's administrations, dating back to his earliest council days, have been rising homelessness and rents, rising cronyism, rising government costs, declining democracy and participation, declining media, increasing hostility towards critics, and even towards sincere academic thinking.

Friday, May 19 – Was so annoyed with some things I wanted to write an op-ed. Fortunately I laid myself down until the feeling went away.

Saturday, May 20Prepping oregano to hang to dry in that proverbial cool dark dry place in the bonus space basement. The two bunches on the left have already been in said proverbial cool dark dry place for a week. These plants aren't even a year old. The bar was cut from the trumpet vine in the back, which I use for a lot of things; despite what you read, sometimes it pays in other ways to let things get leggy.