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From my docent's perch at The Huntington Thursday, I saw two who were ready for the Tea Room.

Notes on the week:

Monday, 10 April – Was up early this morning and saw the moon filtering through trees – went to the Shakespeare Bridge to take a photo of it setting over the Hollywood hills. Full moon Tuesday 10 April at 11:09 p.m. Pacific.

Tuesday, 11 April – Paused this morning on realizing that I was writing a scene in the fourth novel where I compare two characters to Leonardos – and writing it not only in a notebook but one in which I had previously doodled an arc.

Wednesday, 12 April – My guess is that to Christians, the most recent news cycles have been dominated by frivolous nonsense for the past forty-eight hours. So this morning I went to my local Coptic Catholic Church – there are three Coptic churches in LA – to show my solidarity for the massacres of Coptic Christians in two Coptic churches in Egypt last Sunday – Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week. I am so annoyed by our legacy media, which throughout this Lent has so persistently presented itself as at War with Christ, that I couldn't even say a meaningful prayer when I got to this humble Cypress Park church. I have to work on that. Christians may not fit any legacy media narratives anymore, but I hope my two-mile pilgrimage reminds someone, anyone, against the blare of other media things, of the sad fact that Christians are targeted for their faith beliefs, as others have been.

Thursday, 13 AprilI still write letters and postcards, receive very few – but bagged one yesterday from a couple I know, ages 92 & 95. This is page two, which only admits to fun at Palermo's, not an enormous revelation I don't think. I also often attended Holy Family's Fr. Nialls' great seminars on James Joyce in the late '90's with this couple. (Adding to the expertise, Fr. Nialls', born on a Bloomsday in Dublin, would often sing the many songs Joyce refers to in Ulysses, start to finish). More on the better half of this couple appeared here in 2015. Don't worry – unless you're a nonagenarian, your correspondence is safe with me, and stays private too.

Friday, 14 April – I put together a JudaeoChristian themed display for Holy Week / Passover at the end of my docent display at The Huntington yesterday, and at the very end of my table display is a great rose garden favorite – George Burns. Now, if you don't know why I might include George Burns, you may not be old enough. The the names of the roses from bottom left to top right: Mary Magdalene, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Angels Wing, John Paul II, Century Two, The Nun, Joseph's Coat (after it opens), Joseph's Coat (a couple days later), Winchester Cathedral, and...George Burns.

Saturday, 15 April – Rolling into Downtown last night from points east on a Metrolink. When I would see Chicago's skyline, I would always think, "Oh–Stackers of Wheat." When I see LA's, I think, "Oh, a nice try, cordoned off by freeways." I recall Howard Cosell once looking at the LA skyline from Chavez Ravine and sneering, "We have more on one block." Thirty-five years later, still so. I don't really need it myself, but L. thinks it's reassuring when she drives home.

Sunday, April 16 – Happy Easter, Joseph & Lynn.