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This morning, I decided to leave the Democratic Party. This was not a decision that came easily or quickly.

My top reason is that too many in the Democratic Party leadership have tried to sell the idea that this most recent election is illegitimate. My belief is that even in strident political opposition, American citizens must remain loyal to our system of government. And my belief is that calls of "illegitimacy" are disloyal to our system of government.

You may counter, as it would be natural for a Democrat to counter, that Trump himself tried to press a case that Obama was an illegitimate president. But how does it make for a better person – a better party
a better nation to gladly imitate an action you once thought was wrong? How does it advance your family, your party, your nation to prove you're willing to be just as irresponsible as you once perceived your opponent to be?

Aside from this, and for a long time, I have also been exhausted from being vilified as more "privileged" than others in America simply because I'm a straight white male who grew up in a Catholic household.
If you feel some in America are less privileged than me, you will be better served by convincing me that I should help them to find more privilege. You are not well served by insulting my own achievements in lifewhich include the enormous sacrifices common to any successful marriage, matriculation from college, and vocational contentment – as attained chiefly by the luck of a genetic draw.

Among my political goals will ever remain the further creation of equal opportunity for all. But I am no longer able to call myself a member of a party that utilizes disloyalty to the American system of government as a political tactic towards hoping to achieve any political goal.

I expect more from both major parties in Congress. I say these things publicly to alert friends to my change of affiliation, and also because I want friends in all parties, including the Green and Libertarian parties, to know precisely why the Democrats lost me.