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Tourist of the 28th

Schiff in the middle of the street in...huh...where Am I?
Whatever else you might say about him, I feel confident that Republican candidate for California Congressional District 28 Phil Jennerjahn knows what tourism means to Hollywood, and what the streets of Hollywood are truly like.

If I were him, I'd not run away from that fact.  In fact, I'd flaunt it--because his opponent, Congressman Adam Schiff, plainly needs a turista stamp for entry to the true Tinseltown.

I got a brochure from Schiff's team the other day and I noticed the following bewildering photo-ops:

  • Schiff was standing in Silver Lake's dog park, calling to no known dog.
  • Schiff found the plaza at West Hollywood's Pacific Design Center, where you need to show some pro designer trade cred to get service in the showrooms.
  • Schiff was standing out there in the middle of the street in front of Chango in Echo Park, slugging down a changojuice in a plastic cup, apparently content to be a traffic hazard.

So coming off such an obvious sideline tour of the edges of the new district (and by the way, Schiff's campaign website still features his old district, the 29th), what are the hopes of Schiff repping the unique interests LA's Boulevards of Broken Dreams? Does he plan to rep the interests of Hollywood proper at all? Or is he just going to play on the fringe while getting more comfortable learning where Highland, La Brea, and Franklin might be?

Does anyone know someone who might be able give Schiff a tour of the real Hollywood, and not its trendy fringes?