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Yes, there is a photo of me doing service as busboy on scribe David Rensin's iPhone today.  As Rensin has the most elaborately app'ed iPhone south of Tehachipi, I can't say I mind.  It's almost better than a billboard.  You should be so lucky as to be Rensin's pin-up for the day.

Rensin is one of LA's most...mostest writers.  Nobody has done, say, more Playboy interviews of notables than Rensin, and his profiling of Bill Gates for the august powder-blue mag in 1994 is syllabus-level reading for the way the world works today.  But equally as presciently to any Angeleno worthy of the name, he also wrote Teh Book on Miki Dora--All for a Few Perfect Waves--and if you grew up in LA near any beach, you know that Da Cat is king and this is a book not only to read but to allow to reverberate like the memory of the feel of the ocean after a swim.  He's also been utterly generous with a few other writers around town, and that is something I admire about him; few are, and even fewer recognize what real generosity is in this brave new promotion-controls-everything climate.

He also noted to me recently over a dinner at Jax (we only seem to end up with boy food, no matter how much we announce our intentions to each other to do something more gourmand) that "if we had ham, we could have ham and eggs, if we had eggs."  Don't be surprised if that line drops verbatim into my next novel.  It's worth working a whole canto around, in fact--and that's something I see David Rensin doing: not working chapters so much as cantos.  When we discuss his next project--which is completely captivating--I am all ears, and ever the busboy too.