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You can now go back to sleep

The bizarre final LAPD sweeping and sani-wrapping of the equally bizarre OccupyLA movement has ended with capitulation on all sides: Mayor, cops, protesters...and media too.  There have been meek criticisms:  KCAL-9 was widely criticized for appearing to lust for more rapacious conflict than what indeed transpired; LAPD were criticized for appearing to police which media were credentialed to cover the sweep; the Mayor was criticized for engineering what unkindly used to be called a Mexican standoff...but mostly it was all good news.

Thus, somehow, from Mother Jones to KCAL-9, the overriding message of all this extraordinary restraint is that all this has been a "success" and so you can now safely go back to sleep.  The LAPD have overcome a thuggish reputation.  The protesters were not provoked to violence, not even by bigger cameras than their own.  And the Mayor did not panic when protesters failed to leave the park yesterday, when the park became officially closed at night--which it has been by ordinance throughout the sixty-day occupuation.

photo: Antonio Castelan, KNBC
A few thorny details remain to be sorted, however.  There are reports of LAPD taking DNA samples from protesters, not only of the arrested.  The way there was an approved media list in a day and age when those outside of mainstream media are the most widely read certainly gives one pause.  And the reported $5,000 bail set on arrested protesters seems hopelessly "excessive" for the crime of pitching tent in a City Park.

For a while, it was indeed a very dangerous situation.  For a while, you were almost invited to pay more attention to what goes on in City Hall, something not even the protesters with their proximity and access did very well.  But everyone in the media pool wants you to go back to sleep now, and I suppose you will, reassured by mainstream media, who are just as sanitized as the park soon will be.


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