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Yesterday I was at the Luma Lofts downtown.  There's a deck with a pool on the fourth floor between two towers.  The deck has bamboo and silk floss trees.  The trees and bamboo are in's slightly removed from your space.  The silk floss trees still have lots of green leaves on them--at home, mine doesn't this time of year.

There's a docile spill fountain with large Mexican pebbles in the base.  There are a few scattered heat lamps but they are standing in the middle of nowhere; they aren't even near any chairs.

The south end of the deck, beyond the pool, offers a good view to the south...and these days the sun is setting as much south as it is west.  If the sun was setting, it really was time to go.

After the event, I walked up Hope to the Metro.  Hope is not much of a street for pedestrians; it was deserted from Olympic up to Seventh.  The trains on Sunday were crowded; in every car there was standing room only.  The wrong train came first, but I took it for two stops anyway, transferring at Wilshire and Vermont.

When I entered the next train, I was obliged to pass a man with a parrot on one shoulder and a cockatoo on the other.  He had tattoos on his arms and the designs incorporated lots of tropical birds.  Sometimes he offered a finger for the cockatoo to nibble.  I wondered what the seemingly wise cockatoo was thinking as he felt the train jerk and speed and slow and stop.  A young man wore a shirt that said "Smart Handsome Mexican."  He had a pronounced pair of lipstick lip traces on his neck and I couldn't tell if they were a tattoo or a fresh arrival.

The human and winged threesome got off at Vermont and Santa Monica.  I got off at the next stop.  It was now dark.  I've taken this walk home so many times, I even know how many steps it is (2400).  It's almost a quarter of the minimum amount of steps I like to make sure to take in a day (10000).

At one point during my time downtown, I passed a sign on the side of another loft building that said URBAN RENTAL LIVING. The sign made me laugh but it also made me melancholy.