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Report: OccupyLA becoming class distinct

Maybe an unnamed NPR editor slanted it this way, maybe the reporter sought the kind of story she wanted to tell.  But you get a feeling from this audio report on Occupy LA that the protesters are drawing up class distinctions among themselves and don't really know what they're protesting anymore.

Also: a hundred protesters, on hearing of the crackdown in New York last night, marched to the Nokia Theater and back, and the City issued a tactical alert.  If you find it interesting that the city worries more about protesters marching on the Nokia Theater than it does about protesters buying nickel bags at City Hall, so do I.


Robert Reich: Another #OWS One-Frame Gag
The former Secretary of Labor takes to the streets to try to revive an old banking act that was obsolete years before Congress made it so.

Occupy Fatigue
Civic leaders were pals to the revolution--now they're worried about the mess it makes. 

Council and OccupyLA: tango or fistfight?
Council readies a tepid motion to back the Occupiers; should the Occupiers take it gladly, or redouble their protest? 

Art Walk not so lucky as OccupyLA
Free Ponchos for the protesters, but a big bill for the locals.

Down Dog Protesting

Going to the protest? Bring your yoga togs.

Your grandstanding Mayor and City Council

Running for their photo ops. 

Garcetti grabs onto OccupyLA coattails

Alarcon Meets-&-Greets OccupyLA

A City Councilman happens to have a banking resolution in pocket that may please Occupiers. 

From Crown to Liberty to...Zuccotti

It was a crown jewel of it's a privatized park. 

OccupyLA: small, "peaceful and stable"

Underwhelming crowds to launch the mixed-bag protesting.