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Sunland Tujunga effort to stop 1818 project fails

Paul Krekorian's planning deputy Karo Torossian went to the Sunland Tujunga Neighborhood Council Land Use Committee meeting last night and indicated that the controversial Samoa Avenue affordable housing project will likely be extended enough time for the developer not only to potentially score City funding but also for the developer to ramp up other provisional financing options should the City funds become unavailable.

The Land Use Committee had voted in special session Sunday to ask the Councilmember to stop civic funding, which had originally been slated for today. Torossian informed the Committee that the City actually has until the 28th to fund, and that the City will likely extend a developer's request for extension at that time until February.

The Krekorian staffer also made obvious to all who had previously missed it that Krekorian's office has no intention of stopping the project.

Krekorian had run against 1818-styled projects as a candidate for office, but his office has maintained that the project on Samoa Avenue is "special." Torossian did not tell the Committee what makes this project special enough not to quash, nor did the Committee ask.

Community activist groups and LUC members made a great show of opposing the project over the weekend but expressed little disappointment at their own failure to stop the project or its potential civic funding Monday night. The mute reaction conflicted the tone of earlier reports [UPDATE: Nina Royal denounces reports as untrue] that community activists Nina Royal and Cindy Cleghorn had taken in a meeting with the Councilman on Friday, as well as the tone of Cleghorn's own Saturday letter. Krekorian's office would not confirm or deny meeting with Cleghorn and Royal, let alone the meeting's tenor, as of the time of this post.

[NOTE: Royal adds, "My stand has not changed and I have no intention of not following through, and I plan to continue demanding that the Samoa Project follow our Specific Plan and be a better fit for our neighborhood. I will not waiver or let up on my commitment to make that happen. We will continue to stay on course and to monitor this situation and move forward toward that goal."]

Since Sunday, Krekorian's office had received about a hundred electronic letters admonishing the Councilmember to stop the project's City funding. The project on Samoa when completed will become home to up to 125 new, low-income Sunland Tujunga residents.


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