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OccupyLA shuts down Zuma Dogg

Here before you.

You would think the Johnny-come-lately OccupyLA protesters would be a little deferential towards Zuma Dogg, who came to City Hall to check them out on Friday. Most of the OccupyLA protesters had never been to City Hall before October 1 of this year. I first saw Zuma at City Hall in 2007, and interviewed him on City Hall's footsteps in February 2009 (photo above) when he was running for Mayor.

And in the beginning, they are. But Zuma later reports (in the third person) that LA Occupiers...
The attempts to prevent the "Jackie Robinson" of Free Speech exercise (@ZumaDogg) included encroachment; shoving; pushing; shouting in close proximity/blocking his camera and movement; continually shutting off his amp; screaming to the speaker how to perform, and what her was allowed to do -- and how he was allowed to do it; stealing the power cord to his amp, at which time he was told he could have it back "IF" certain conditions were met; and you can hear, when he's finally allowed, fo a moment, to start speaking -- he is speaking in a calm/non-shouting tone...then the crowd further harasses and incites him, as he has to try to get on top of the mob that has gathered around. It is a big park. No reason my movements and expression had to be limited/impinged. A guy with brass knuckle gloves approached who identified himself as a "peacekeeper," there to protect the speaker. I guess he makes those discretionary decisions. (Is the brass knuckled glove "peacekeeper" official L.A. City Hall security?
Here's a video in which Zuma interviews several people connected to Occupy LA and encourages them to attend the Council meetings every day. In it, drawing from his own experience with City politics, he predicts that Council will ultimately pass an Ordinance making protests on City Hall's South Lawn illegal. He says, "I'd rather see thirty people in there than a thousand people out here."

Zuma's appearance brings up a good point: as long as the Occupy movement stays outside of City Hall, it isn't obliged to focus much on what local government actually does.