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A near endorsement: Rebecca Chambliss

Thank God we only have about eight more days of primary in San Pedro, Harbor Gateway, and Wilmington in Council District 15. The good news is that it's looking extremely bad for Pat McOsker in this race. And never mind that John Shallman has yet to express anything but contempt to the blogosphere; I'm not going there, not at least until November 9. But my broader guess is that despite McOsker's heavy guns, we'll see a Joe Buscaino-Warren Furutani runoff as early polls indicated, which is not such great news at all.

Frankly, to me, the coming Buscaino-Furutani runoff is not much of a choice; you have your choice between another cop on City Council, or another Assemblyman--and Council needs neither of these.

I'm not endorsing anyone in the race, because I don't do that except in case of emergency, but I'm hoping Rebecca Chambliss (left) outperforms. I'm hoping she outperforms simply because I think Council needs more people like her, and fewer people like Joe Buscaino and Warren Furutani.

Why does it need more people like her--more people who prioritize passionate but small-turnout issues like animal rights and slow-growth? And why might Council need another woman--who are presently in microscopic supply?

For sure, Council needs fewer rather than more cops (it already has two, and one reserve officer who votes exactly like one). And for sure, it needs fewer rather than more Assemblymembers (it already has five, including two whose idea of Council is much misinformed by the luxury of deep staff analysis that Assemblymembers have, and on which they can no longer rely).

And for damn sure, it needs fewer rather than more people beholden to top City unions (it already has fourteen of these).

Rebecca Chambliss is none of these. She's simply a smart, honest woman with a lot of personal integrity, who's looking at City Council and doesn't like what she sees.

At this point, Chambliss has not a strong chance of securing a spot in the runoff. She was headstrong and integrated enough to not even ally herself too closely with any political consultant, and she probably could have benefited from a closer relationship to one. You'll need heavy mail to win or place in this race, and Furutani and Buscaino know how to drive it out. But with the same old faces with their same old machines backing horses they are trying so hard not to make look like the same old same old, Rebecca Chambliss has been indeed an honestly fresh face with an honestly fresh perspective on what happens in Council chamber. If I were down there--I'd vote for her, sure.