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Krekorian responds to community

In a three-page letter, Councilmember Paul Krekorian responds to the community regarding the Samoa Avenue project in Sunland Tujunga.

The Councilmember shows his sensitive spots at many points: for instance, he says "much of the public discussion about this project has been based on incorrect information"--a problem Krekorian's office could have easily made go away had they responded to a single media inquiry during this time.

He then takes a swipe at, I suppose, me--"Contrary to false reports that have been circulated, I have verified with the City's Housing Department that there is no action was [sic] taken or scheduled to being [sic] taken on the financing portion of this proposal on Tuesday, October 18." Underline and boldface are his. You'd think if he had bothered to both boldface and underline this critical point, which I can only guess aspires to prove to the community that the City wasn't really in any peril of writing a check to a developer for $13 million after all (not until February anyway), he would have bothered to proofread it for grammar too, but I guess he was too full of righteous indignation to pay close attention to that kind of stuff.

One thing that especially leaps from the text is the absence of contriteness. As though his own office couldn't have handled this completely disruptive situation any better. In fact, I detect veiled finger-waggings at the very community it aspires to service all throughout it. For instance, the Councilmember says that "Openness, transparency and community engagement have been at the heart of my service in this office." You are plainly invited to ignore any personal experience indicating otherwise.

I have seen this kind of attitude especially from Krekorian's staff before: "We are doing everything perfectly here, and if you don't think this is true, you are certainly mistaken." The foregoing letter brings the whole office's indignant hubris to full expression.

Anyway, the letter follows. You can click on any page to make that page less fuzzy.

And I think too that my own work is done here. Shanti. शान्ति