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Villaraigosa, crying, blinking, &c.

I am getting an unusual number of hits today from people looking at a photograph I took of a TV set at Gelson's on Hyperion a little over two years ago. The search term people are using to arrive at this image is "Villaraigosa crying." Indeed, I've used the image below a few times, and mentioned the word "crying" in a subsequent post--that's how the herd is thundering to this image. (How so many different people happen to be looking for an image of Hizzoner breaking down is a little unsettling in itself). Suffice it to say, I think I should explain the image first, and the search immediately after.

To be fair, the image is simply of Villaraigosa blinking. I took it the day the Mayor declared on CNN--rather to anyone in local media--that he wouldn't be running for Governor. At which point, I walked away from this blog for a while, declaring, "We're all moving on." I've also used it a few subsequent times to express...whatever. Here is that original image:

When I heard that morning that Villaraigosa would not run for Governor, I headed down to Gelson's to catch the CNN statement (I don't have cable or for that matter even network television). I took several shots of the screen that day, but this was the most harrowing--and, to mind my for that day, appropriate--image.

As for the reason people are seeking an image of Villaraigosa crying, it is all here: LA School Board Opposes Mayor in Battle over Redevelopment Funds. The ball on this got rolling yesterday (here, not at the Times site) with an item on Bennett Kayser's surprise motion against the Mayor's interests in the District--which nobody else reported before it hit the board, but was well reported here.

So back to the above. I can't control the way you use it. I know that not everyone has Photoshop, so I've photoshopped the image for any of you who might like to borrow it. It's yours to use, but I hope you use it fairly, and I hope you credit this blog with a link if you use it.