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GOP Buscaino supporter stalks street-hassle

Someone in the local GOP in San Pedro didn't like my reporting on Council District 15 candidate Joe Buscaino's underwater status at home, and decided to take it out, and CD 15 candidate Rebecca Chambliss.

John S. Stammreich, chair of the GOP 54th Assembly District, (a heavily Democratic district), took to Twitter in the wake of my Buscaino post and got spookily obsessive right away, posting TWENTY-ONE tweets to Chamblis and/or me on the matter in three hours. Among these were posts telling Chambliss to "stay in Rolling Hills Estates" and one saying that "Joseph is a cmpgn advisor." He also called me an "LA Weekly blogger" which should certainly catch some howls in select quarters. And at one point I was even a "secret blogger."

I interviewed Ms. Chambliss last month, and published a profile of her here, as I have done with countless other candidates for office. I certainly don't advise local races for pay, as every political figure in Los Angeles but John S. Stammreich seems to know.

I've also asked to interview all other major candidates in the race; as it happens, Chambliss was first to consent. But I bear absolutely no special, advisory, or even tangential relationship to Chambliss.

He also says both Chambliss and I tweet "ALOT!" As for me, two or three times a day tops on most days, most of them promoting posts and articles. I agree that Chambliss tweets a lot, and I've previously applauded her social media awareness and web presence. She is informative and unlike Stammreich and some other hack operatives, gets things right the first time and doesn't use social media as a place for making wanton mistakes as a way to conduct fishing expeditions--instead, she provides information, often with more perspicacity than some journalists who cover the City.

Also at the same time that Stammreich took to Twitter to stalk Chambliss and me, an anonymous poster began following me on Twitter, and also drew me to a tweet in which the anonymous stalker published Chambliss's home address. That's a harassment violation, and it's been reported.

Stammreich also calls me "a secret blogger"--before he started calling me "Joseph." (My twitter handle is so secret: it's "jfmailander") He says that this blog is "full of hate for neighborhood councils and Carmen." I would term it mere criticism, especially as both make me laugh so much.

And finally, he (apparently inadvertently) re-confirms Joe Buscaino's underwater status in this tweet:

I really don't see a need here to demonstrate how household financial matters are often seen by voters as an indicator of budget and finance aptitude; from Tip O'Neill to Bob Dornan, it's already been done hundreds of times. But I guess through it all there's no doubt as to Buscaimo's political affiliation, eh? It's been otherwise hard to discern because he doesn't seem to have voted many times in the past twelve years.

All in all, pretty much a mess, but a spooky one too.


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