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Garcetti's ethnic cred: menudo, bagels and more

On my item on Eric Garcetti's candidacy for Mayor ("A Sensitive Soul for Mayor," 9/9/11), I said a few things about the man's "barely there" polyglot ethnicities that Mr. President Garcetti subsequently corrected.

He tells me offline that his childhood was spent alternating between "menudo or bagels depending on whose house we were at, etc," for instance and that he celebrates his grandparents "in their faith and their work building core Jewish institutions."

He also left the following comment here:
Hey Joseph--hope this finds you well. I actually announced using FB and Twitter first and am dedicated to both old and new ways of communicating and governing (and now campaigning). Looking forward to talking more in the days ahead--and for what it is worth, what I love about my job now and the one I am pursuing is that the product of your work is material, not analytical or political as you might imply. You either build the parks or you don't. You either get the after-school programs in place or not. I just came from Belmont High School where we opened up a new field (after 19 years of a dust bowl that they called a field and the city saying that this was just the district's problem for years until we came up with shared funding), and talked to kids about how much more enthusiastic they were about their school and their neighborhood because of this tangible change. I appreciate the analysis, but I look forward to a great race. I'm proud of my background, proud of this city, and ready to fight to turn it around. All my best to you, Eric

If I missed the fact that he first announced his candidacy on Facebook and Twitter, well, so did Zahniser, as his story doesn't acknowledge as much either. Maybe everybody missed it?

And if everybody did--if your message gets buried in the deep of excessive friendships--let me roll out the welcome mat to Caruso and Zev right here: if you announce your candidacy for Mayor on street-hassle, I guarantee nobody will miss it. Not only that, it will piss off nearly everyone else in town--which just might be the kind of press you're looking for as a true contrarian. Right here, buddies!