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Boycott Amazon? Garcetti might like to...

Council President and mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti is very proud to attend the LAANE fundraiser with rock stars tonight:

And what is that purpose? What kind of change is LAANE touting?

Weirdly, on the same night that it hosts this rocking party, LAANE tweets that if you live in California, you should boycott Amazon.

Why boycott Amazon, LAANE?

Try to follow the logic here. The scribe to which LAANE links, Vivian Rothstein, a longstanding freedom-ride, low-income housing community activist and member of LAANE since 2003, calls Amazon a "freeloader" for not collecting California sales taxes on shipments to the state--which few other out-of-state companies pay on goods shipped here.

I've written about LAANE before. A minority organization devoted to "building a new economy for all," LAANE is run by CRA Commissioner Madelaine Janis, where building a new economy remains a work in progress, as it has been through the entire Villaraigosa mayoralty. Peter Dreier, who wrote the infamous "success" defense of Villaraigosa in the Jewish Journal, is a board member, as are Maria Elena Durazo and Nury Martinez.

While it is still very early in this Mayoral race, as candidate Garcetti buys strongly into the Mayor's machine, we may be seeing tangible evidence of how Garcetti's stewardship of City Council has borne responsibility along with Villaraigosa's machinations for the economic failures of Los Angeles over the past six years.

Real unemployment in the City is nearly 20%, foreclosures are at an all-time high, and the City flirted with bankruptcy in the past year--all this while state and city sales taxes are near peak. Nonetheless, LAANE thinks it's a good idea to slap a sales tax on Amazon-delivered goods, and even go so far as to destroy the income streams of those of us who distribute exclusively on Kindle, through boycotting Amazon--an income stream on which we already pay income taxes to the state.

This isn't supporting a new economy, it's ruining a new economy. We've seen too much of that already--it's how we got here.

While the Council President is obviously having a great time at the LAANE party, I don't know whether Garcetti himself supports LAANE's would-be Amazon boycott. Garcetti has not responded to our inquiry (or any inquiry) regarding whether he supports Richard Alarcon's plan for a "sewer stimulus," hiking sanitation fees drastically to pay for construction jobs. So far, Austin Beutner and Kevin James have called the sewer stimulus a bad idea.