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A Pretend August Nativity

now im a crazy person, that cannot be denied.
but Los Angeles is a city in a huge financial crisis, right?
you’re telling me that even though Ticketmaster wrote a six figure check, the city still thinks that its a good idea NOT to allow a situation
where you can tax people on a weekend as they buy overpriced beers and slurpees in flower pots?
you want those people to go to anaheim or something?

--tony pierce, busblog

Even aside from the mercurial, heard it all today. About how Mitch had to choose between keeping Jennifer and the woman at EchoPlex on payroll, which should say something about all of their (in)ability to be rich and to raise money if the City would only pay attention. About how festival-killing merchants in Sunset Junction felt a need for extra police protection because of threats. About how the cops showed up en masse today and on the City's nickel, yet the price for cops was a key deal breaker for Garcetti, the one he and Andrea Alarcon raked them over the fire on. About how if Ticketmaster put up $100K to try to save Sunset Junction, they must have found that an optimum price point for owning Sunset Junction going forward. About how Sunset Junction is all about the community and is wrecked if it's not. About how the real problem was not the vendor, who is just behaving like a vendor, but privatizing Sunset Junction in the first place--which was a City decision. About how Sunset Junction is more like Mardi Gras, a chance for everyone to interact with everyone else, and the steep ticket price, which is really not so steep for the westside hipsters who show up, is more geared at crowd control than making money. About how you do or you don't kill Mardi Gras over $400,000. About how neighbors should run everything and about how neighbors are big babies who if they can't have it exactly their way 365 days a year rather than 363 they start whining. About how the emboldened NIMBY merchants will now move to take out the farmer's market, which doesn't impact them 2 days out of 365, but 104 days out of 365. About how if you're in the Sunset Junction two mile zone, you want the festival to be yours all yours, like a territorial surfer, it's your beach, and if you're out of the two mile zone, you are just puzzled and maybe even laughing at the City that can't get its act together. About how they're laughing in San Francisco and San Diego about this. About how they're really laughing now in Echo Park about this. About how...

I'd like to sidestep all that because Dangerbird's very first show, which went off with we mad reservoir dogs and Englishmen standing out in the midday dysfunction, was the way anyone would want it to be, Holly Conlan taking the cramped crowd into three point territory. One spot at one time got one thing right. It did, in fact, look a little like a stranded late August nativity...

The question was, what was being born? As with all holy nativities, you had to pretend, and a lot not a little. I had to pretend today that someone setting up a trap set next to a guy drinking a latte is is interesting, for about exactly as long as it takes to drive past it. I had to pretend that first sets at 7 p.m. were just as festival like as first sets going on at noon, and I was asked to pretend over and over that over the past decade stranded westside hipsters were the only people who ever came to Sunset Junction, which is now dead. And I had to pretend that Sunset Junction remains the new Bethlehem even as Echo Park is where most of the babies are now being born. But even one artist can save it all for you, so I can't complain, and so thank you to Holly Conlan and to Dangerbird, that place with the black and blue mural of the skulls on the cellphones across the street from where Debbie Cortez Lopez always parks The Vehicle while I run in, &c. Shepherds quaked.


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