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Nuch takes time off--to promote employee picnic

Papadakis Taverna in glory days

Carmen Trutanich used to be a habitué of the Pedro fratboy hang Papadakis Taverna, so it figures that now he's becoming a habitué of son Petros' radio show Petros and Money on KFI 570. While some liked the food* at Papadakis Taverna, I found that the food wasn't the point (e.g., above photo); similarly nobody is overly fond of the sports talk on the sports show, but the sports often aren't the point either.

So what's Nuch doing on the show this afternoon? Why the time off? Are they talking sports? No, they're talking a closed-to-the-public picnic for City Attorney staffers tomorrow.

"They're winning cases and saving money and doing a great service," Nuch assures of his staff.

Nuch is putting Petros in a dunk tank tomorrow in Elysian Park, at the City Attorney's annual picnic--probably to garner the free air time, as there's no reason to promote this event at all since the picnic is closed to the public.

The money will go funding some Baker-to-Vegas relay thing.

This is all just dripping with class and distinction, I know.

"We're looking at a lot of options," Nuch says of speculation that he may run for District Attorney.

"A lot of people think he would win in a landslide," Petros's sidekick adds, which was likely the whole point of the appearance. The announced candidates for the job were probably all too busy prosecuting criminals to mind what goes on at 3:40 p.m. on a sports radio show much.

*UPDATE: Original language was "nobody much liked the food" but I have found a few people, including in comments, who indeed liked it.


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