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tony's wild years

tony pierce fetched about ten billion five hundred million pageviews in what maybe four years at the la times

i think he brought some other people to the paper too

maybe even the former fishwrap of record was a cooler place when tony was there

which he isn't as of tomorrow because he was laid off


who is tony pierce? maybe you forgot if you don't read the times but he had this blog busblog so many years ago

and he still has busblog despite it all

it's like the most noncorporate thing that has corporate level traffic in america

every time i wrote him at the times which was about once a year because i didn't want to disturb his important work he told me how many hits he was getting, and it was always a lot, like about a million a day more than street-hassle

only lately it was two million a day more

so i supposed that was what he was there for and that was what he was pressured to do and sure he knew how to do it, so how can you argue with that?

he had some problems with jack kerouac that i recall very fondly--this was way before he ever went to laist let alone the times

i remember when jon regardie and i first met him, we were going, like, this guy, can he handle laist? do you think laist might be too buttoned down for him?

well probably it was me who was saying that mostly because jon doesn't say things like that

laist, hah, we were wondering if he could handle laist and then two years later he's handling the times

so therefore he was perfect for the times, and maybe they knew it for a while, maybe one of their smartest hires ever

i remember at arianna's with matt welch or was that jason toney

and we were going, this guy, look out, he will either launch it into the stratosphere or make it a madhouse

and i think both happened

no wait that was while he was still at laist

and i remember i ran into him at the la press club in 2007 and he saw me and said, ron paul, is this guy for real? which made me laugh

and i remember an editor whose name i cannot divulge who told me of some fabled sxsw expense report of tony's that was red hot hilarious and immediately legendary

and of course i've always somewhat owed him and somewhat always been leery of him because not only did he interview me in 2006 but he also put up that photo of me talking to ann coulter in cathy seipp's backyard, a photo that many have expressed concern about

(it looks like i weighed more then doesn't it? unflattering shirt that's for sure)

but i have been checking in on tony especially lately because after all these years he was still at the la times former fishwrap of record &c.

and so because i've been checking in especially lately i saw it when he wrote this...

he saw amy winehouse and wrote of her

"If I had been shooting the video I would have probably stopped half way through because she is clearly suffering.

"Scratching her arms, wobbling, unsure how to even put down a mic stand"

which is so goddamned sad but pretty perfect if you ever saw her

when i said that she cut her heroin with chandeliers, i thought i had nailed her, but no, tony did

you know i think we share only one common trait in life and that is we both for some reason like to photograph the northwest corner of the intersection of sunset & alvarado

and now that he is not at the former fishwrap of record it's like 2003 and i can read him again and know that he is tony pierce and not a guy with a deadline or a pagecount hanging over his head

nothing in here is true.