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Slime machine co-opts LA FOX affiliate in Hahn race

UPDATE: Janice Hahn's mother Ramona passes away at 86. "We are devastated to announce the death of our mother, Ramona Hahn. She was a dedicated mother, grandmother and wife,' her children said in a joint statement. "She was without a doubt the driving force behind our entire family. It was through her strength and support that our father, Kenny, became one of the most beloved leaders in Los Angeles' history." Ramona Hahn was born to missionaries in Tokyo, Japan in 1924 and lived in Japan until age 11. She met Kenneth Hahn at Pepperdine; he was elected to City Council before becoming a County Supervisor. She was also the mother of Mayor James K. Hahn.

The sea-to-sliming-sea rightwing slime machine, for whom hope springs eternal, ratcheted up the heat on Janice Hahn last week, with another FoxLA hatchet job on her. We last saw these three years ago, and they were discredited then. With one day left before the election, they need a little more scrutiny today.

"Breitbart's getting into the act too!" an east coast guy has panted, and indeed Breitbart did. Lots of us are very embarrassed for some local others following Breitbart's lead.

What I find most interesting about the Hahn/Craig Huey race for Jane Harman's vacated Congressional seat in the South Bay is not the involvement of the national scuzzies; it's the willingness of a local-to-LA FOX affiliate to practice the same kind of fear and smear politics as the network does.

The long ago discredited Chris Blanchford story at FOX, not right the first time and certainly not right now, has again made it look like Janice Hahn has snuggled up to active gangsters, rather than offering a far more fair description of her as a supporter of programs that hope to make use of the reformed.

In truth, the original story was "leaked" by a couple of disgrunted cops, upset about reassignment. Street-hassle demonstrated how flawed the original Hahn segments were when they originally appeared over three years ago:
So what's up with Fox's sensationalizing of this rather mundane and woefully slanted story? A gangster at a not-for-profit gets accused of a cold case crime; two cops can't stand their reassignment so they get an idea to shake down the City; a jouno finds a scapegoat: the Councilwoman who has some of the toughest housing project gang problems to solve in the whole City.
Two weeks later, the Hahn segment was indeed found by the Daily Breeze to be substantially flawed. That piece is no longer online (a big problem with the Los Angeles Newspaper Group family, which also includes the LA Daily News), but I have a segment from it:
But a review of the Fox 11 News story found major flaws that undermine its central allegations....The story was largely based on the allegations of two Los Angeles Police Department officers who contend that Hahn pressured the department to remove them from their foot beats in Watts due to complaints about their aggressive tactics.
Hahn was not so politically naive as the right wing slime machine would like it to seem when she had the network sent a Cease and Desist letter for producing an update on an already discredited story. Hell, she was already obliged to file a complaint with the FEC over a grotesque hip-hop-themed ad from out-of-town dirty tricksters a month ago.

Meanwhile, Republican hopes, as they might be in the Ozarks or Alabamy, are pinned on a Christian right-wing cipher with a small fortune who calls Planned Parenthood centers "murder mills" and who is said by Hahn ads (with good reason) to be more extreme than Sarah Palin on abortion issues.

The Cease and Desist Hahn's lawyer squad issued only become important if she loses--as the Murdoch empire is presently fraying around the seams, under increasing communications scrutiny for truth-in-reporting violations, it's simply a responsible measure.

But she's not likely to lose tomorrow; although Hahn supporters, given how slimy this batch of slime was, had better hit the tape hard. While here's no question that Debra Bowen's arrogant political team of non-players, assembled from her remote NoCal perch, and the Sec of State's subsequent lack of firm conviction backing Hahn, has made this election closer than it needed to be.

Hahn likely has an edge with absentee ballots by party count--and while early numbers show returns from Dems and GOP within the range of the DTSers, Hahn likely fetches most of these too And despite the slime machine's media blitz, I think Hahn will hold an edge tomorrow too. She has a better grip on the GOTV ground game than her blank faced opponent. I see tomorrow as 55-57% Hahn; and even a late USA Today poll indicates the slime machine is likely to come up dry once again.