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Sidewalk Shuffle sleazes back to committees in September

"It is difficult not to write satire."--Juvenal

Here are the ten points of discussion and even contention in the City's exploitative sidewalk shuffle, in which it hopes to transfer repair fees and even fines to property owners, as provided by activist Glenn Bailey.

1. Explicit enforcement (repairs within 90 days)
2. Point-of-Service (or Sale) and Building Permits (requiring a “Safe Sidewalk Certificate” prior to utility connection)
3. Point-of-Service (or Sale) and Explicit Enforcement in Commercial Zones (priority enforcement in commercial zones)
4. Point-of-Service (or Sale) and 50-50 Voluntary Sidewalk Repair Program (City matching funds)
5. Compliance Based on Liability Risks (target trip and fall claim locations with complaint driven effort)
6. Explicit Enforcement along Major and Secondary Highways (approximately 25% of the sidewalks)
7. Explicit Enforcement Adjacent to Sidewalk Trip and Fall (enforced against property owners where claims have been filed)
8. ???? (missing from copies provided to the public)
9. Sidewalk Assessment District(s) (20% cost to administer $500,000+ in size; 60% administrative cost for smaller districts)
10. No Implementation At This Time Option (self explanatory)
And here are some "options" being discussed:
1. City Counterclaims Against Homeowner’s Insurance (City pursue reimbursement with property owner’s insurance company; premium increases???)
2. City Position Regarding Uncooperative Property Owners (up front funding source until “recovery” of monies from homeowners)
3. City Position Regarding Property Owners Unable to Pay for Sidewalk Improvements (construction loans, payment plans for low income, moderate income, and hardship exemptions???)

Mostly, it looks like another camera-ticket scam is snaking its way through City skunkworks. Huizar, whose district has literally thousands of potential tickets in the offing, generally supports, wants to button down these details. Englander, it appears, whose district has the highest ratio of homeowners of any in the City, is ready to cut to the chase right now and not even wait for reports.

Opinion: if you are relying on the Neighborhood Council system to stop this fiasco, surrender now. The NCs can't get it done--it has to enter mainstream media discourse. You have to demonstrate not just to homeowners but to renters that this is just another kleptocratic scam.