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McOsker campaign off to predictable start

From an unreliable source we kinda like:
I just called Pat and asked him the following questions, here is a quick summation of the very contentious conversation:

Do you believe that you can run for City Council and run the UFLAC Board as President at the same time?

Pat's response - Yes I can, I am going to rely on the Executive Board to fill in.

Have you asked all members of the Executive Board if they are going to cover for you?

Pat's response - Yes, I have talked to "all" of them and they are going to cover for me.

Pat's response - "Is this a fucking interrogation, who do you think you are?

My response - No. this is not an interrogation, I personally do not believe that you can do both at the same time..

Pat's response - Who the Fuck do you think you are, you have no idea what the I can do and not do.

My response - Pat, I do not believe that you can do both and I am asking you to step-down from the UFLAC Board.

Pat's response - You can go Fuck yourself.

Addendum: I don't know about you guys, but I did not appreciate the mannerism, profanity and un-professional response that I received.

Anyways. Seems credible to me!


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