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In wake of Stow arrests, Beck urges more media restraint

The Times, which laid off a few people this week, forfeits twelve column inches this morning to LAPD chief Charlie Beck.

Beck returns the favor by blasting media's role (?) in the errant arrest of Giovanni Ramirez:

That is the state of the game, but we can do much better. We need to not merely abide by the rules but to recognize their shortfalls. I can be more circumspect in my comments, and the media should be more restrained and cautious. The public should remember the rules, so they can respect the rights of those on the field.

&c. He also mumbles much about constitutional policing. But this really grates: the media should be more restrained and cautious.

If anything, local print media could not have been more comatose--as they are once again by printing Chief Beck's op-ed.

I invite you to read any of the following, most written here and much written elsewhere, to glean precisely the level of media involvement in the Stow case and other notable unsolved violent crimes in Los Angeles--and judge for yourself whether print media should have been "more restrained and cautious."


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