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Back to work

District 17ers breaking out of District 1.

It's a short but busy week. Last Friday was the first day of Los Angeles's 44th City Council, a Council with one new face on it and no new leadership positions. Council President Eric Garcetti went around the shoe after winning re-election and spoke extemporaneously and glowingly of each and every Council member, singling out Tom LaBonge as a man who runs one large district with him, which Garcetti called The Seventeenth.

On Friday, Debbie Lopez and I also went behind the ropes with Councilman Ed Reyes, who started his final Council session after a decade of service. Chinatown, the Cornfield, the Gold Line, MacArthur Park, LA River rehabilitation--what's impressed us most about Reyes is that his early passion for urban planning has ultimately panned out favorably in many planning projects in his once far lower profiled District. Reyes, who studied urban planning at UCLA, worked on many of these projects as Mike Hernandez's planner. He gives Hernandez much credit for recognizing the power of smart planning in impoverished neighborhoods. I'll have a profile of Reyes here on Thursday.

Tomorrow I meet with District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson. Already in the DA's office, Jackson recently won convictions on a high profile murder case. It may be that nobody in the present DA's office has a more intense docket.

Here are a couple of pieces from the long weekend that you might have missed.

Political ambitions may shake up council - Rick Orlov, Daily News

Orlov notes that all three elected Council officers--City Council President Eric Garcetti, President Pro Tem Jan Perry, and Assistant Pro Tem Dennis Zine--are running for other offices in 2013.

Mitch Englander and LA's Predictable Politics

Englander's early legislative moments indicate a predictable Councilman is joining an already very predictable Council.

In Los Angeles, Cuts Will Make Long Bus Commutes Longer - Jennifer Medina, The New York Times

Not everything is new reading just because it appears in the NYT. This piece takes LA to task for the usual transit stigmas, and draws its bones directly from the vastly overpoliticized Bus Rider's Union, rather than even political critics who know LA transit.

Getting down to Specifics in Sunland Tujunga

A time-capsule-like Times article from twenty years ago demonstrates that there can be downsides to revisiting a Specific Plan, despite the very best community intentions.

GreenPeace Confirms Exxon-Mobil Funded Climate-Deniers

But you already likely guessed as much.

And finally, no link, but the enigmatic and occasionally insane Nick Pacheco celebrated the holiday by playing 36 holes--two rounds--at Coyote Hills.