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Krekorian's Office: No change in legal status of FBC Specific Plan if opened

Yesterday, Councilman Paul Krekorian's office expressed contention to my item yesterday regarding the opening of the Foothill Boulevard Corridor Specific Plan for amendment, which I thought represented a reversal of the community's longstanding slow-growth sentiment.

Krekorian's office also assured me that when a Specific Plan is "opened," it doesn't change the legal status of the Plan, because the Plan itself is statutory. I thank the Councilman's office for clarifying something that others involved couldn't clarify, and I think his office's contention to parts of yesterday's item is indeed fair.

Some Sunland Tujunga community members, however, remain skeptical of the need to open the Foothill Boulevard Corridor Specific Plan, and they expressed their skepticism last night at a ST Neighborhood Council Land Use Committee meeting. Several skeptics told the Committee that they believed that once a dialog commences regarding amending the Plan, the City's own Planning Commission and City Attorney's office will be drafting and submitting the amendments to City Council, and the community will have little input or control.

These people were largely disparaged by the Committee members. The dispute at the community level involves auto-themed malls on Foothill Boulevard. Some in the community feel that there is an oversaturation of these, and think opening the Specific Plan for amendment may enable the community to restrict future permitting of such establishments. Opponents of the amending of the Plan believe that some of the signators of the letter to Councilman Krekorian announcing their enthusiasm for opening the Plan have ulterior motives for doing so.

Others remain concerned about the 64-unit project on Samoa. The failure of meaningful opposition to mount against this project still represents to me, as I said yesterday, a reversal in sentiment for such projects in recent years.