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Beutner's web strategy: "Coming soon"

How green is my Valley--no habla español--and exactly what do you mean by "STAY" informed?

Yesterday, we spoke of the blingy "ringer" whom Mayoral candidate Austin Beutner had hired to form his online strategy. Hours later, Beutner took to the keyboard himself.

It has already been called one of the most pathetic opening salvos ever to kick off a postmillennial Los Angeles mayoral campaign. It is heavily dependent on the backing of the man most responsible for LA's decline, Beutner crony Dick Riordan--the man who as Mayor set LA's schools on their path of continuous decline, the man who set up all the school district construction bonds (five in eleven years) for his banker friends to reap the benes while teachers got nothing, the man who set up the Mayor's office to enjoy so much power that Council became virtually powerless when dealing with city departments, the man who drove Peter O'Malley out of baseball, and the man who went running to Wall Street last year, attempting to ruin LA's credit rating, costing LA dearly.

Here in its entirety is Riordan-dependent multimillionaire Austin Beutner's cry for help:

Friends –

Thank you all for your incredible support. As soon as we announced I was exploring running for mayor of our great city, the phone calls, emails, letters, and (yes!) even faxes started pouring in. I am humbled by the response –your support has convinced me more than ever that it is time for us to build a new Los Angeles.

You have heard the big news – I was privileged to receive the endorsement of my friend – and our former Mayor – Richard Riordan.

Mayor Riordan was a champion of job creation, which Los Angeles is in dire need of now.

I’ve included below Mayor Riordan’s op-ed, published last week, in the Daily News, explaining why he endorsed me.

You can also read it here

The campaign is just two weeks old – and the election 22 months away – but we’re ready and raring to go. The one thing you can do to help is to spread the word. At this point, I’ve got the lowest name recognition in the race. I’m not a natural politician; I don’t have a career in LA City politics to bank on. I need your help to talk to people, tell them who I am, a little bit about what I’ve done and what I want to bring to this city.

Mayor Riordan’s op-ed will help – and so will the current issue of Los Angeles Magazine. This month Los Angeles magazine put out a profile of my work for the Mayor while at City Hall. It’s a well-timed profile for the campaign – grab a copy while it’s still on the newsstand and take a look. You’ll find it on page 60; it’s titled “The Unpolitician”. You can use Mayor Riordan’s op-ed and the LA Magazine profile to spread the word about my work and my candidacy for Mayor.

Send me any thoughts you have about the profile – – I’m eager hear what you’re thinking.

Thank you for everything you are doing – and going to do – for our campaign. Together we’ll make this city great again.

Austin Beutner

P.S. We’re building out our website – but for now you can tell people to visit to sign up to get updates like this from the campaign.

Beutner also went on a kid-gloves Internet radio show last week, where he was lobbed a few softballs by the publicists at Off the Presses and invited to discuss his ability to read while falling asleep and to compare this quality to the reading habits of one of the ceaselessly self-referent hosts. The usual follow-up question is, "Well, what exactly are you reading?" but our hosts didn't dare ask.

[Wait a minute...Dick Riordan--didn't he also help launch the neo-reactionary Valley movement Clean Sweep? And back Adeena Bleich in the Fifth? "Riordan could not even beat Woo today, no way," one political consultant told me yesterday. "The city's changed too much."]

For now you can tell people to visit street-hassle to get the word out on Austin Beutner and get updates like this on the campaign.