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Mitch Englander's first kerfluffle*


The people of Granada Hills generally like their food trucks. The bricks and mortar restaurateurs of Granada Hills like their new Councilman.

Recently Numero Uno Granada Hills, a little east of the shopping center, decided that food trucks presented unfair competition.

No links here, but in response, the Facebook presence known as Valley Hills says:
The food trucks have been able to do what the local businesses haven't been able to do for the past 20+ years in Old Granada Hills. For the first time in many, many years people are using words like booming and hopping for the area. Plus, t...he food trucks have helped people discover the businesses there. For example, we know of people that discovered Numero Uno because of the trucks and have now gotten pizza from there. The food trucks present a great marketing opportunity. The local businesses should be passing out coupons or flyers to the food truck patrons. You may not get the business that night, but make sure that you get future business. For example, Saturday and Monday this week is the NCAA Mens Basketball finals...sounds like pizza time to me. Numero Uno should have created a coupon that was good just for April 2-4 and passed it out when the trucks were there on Friday night. Jersey Mikes can do the same. Make a coupon that is only good for the next week to get people to act quickly. The trucks provide a great win-win opportunity. I say this as someone with a marketing degree and is a marketing professional.
One of the problems with Valley bloggers, even Giga Granada Hills, is that they are paranoid of downtown enough to remain anonymous, and therefore hard to quote (UPDATE: Not true, see note below). But the paranoia is only redoubled when they observe how incoming Councilman Mitch Englander once broke into the Mayor's office and how he flaunts his reserve officer status. The early days of Councilman Mitch are likely to see him running roughshod over his constituency, and that may spell bad news for food trucks.

UPDATE: LJ Williamson of Giga Granada Hills protests in comment that she is not anonymous, &c. Her name appears on her posts.