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Another Terrace Morning

Skating along.

Janice Hahn claimed a "clear majority" of California Democratic Party voters in a party endorsement battle with Debra Bowen for the runoff in Congressional District 36. Her 57% wasn't enough to fetch endorsement, though. I also recently saw a leaked campaign work product, as I'm sure did many others, that claimed progressive darling Bowen had once registered as a Republican. To which we thought, bfd, &c. Neither Hahn nor Bowen seem overanxious to debate each other.

How to enter Deervale-Stone Canyon Park in Sherman Oaks is the question. Rec and Parks thinks it has an answer; the former fishwrap of record nonetheless finds someone who doesn't like the nuisance of driving to the new entrance. Yes, the park user's displeasure with his two mile drive is considered "news."

This was a nice and also appropriate gesture by the Mayor, assuring the victim's mother on behalf of the City that the City will do what it can to bring the inhuman perpetrators--who attacked her son for supporting the visiting baseball team--to justice.

Supervisor Antonovich also has an appropriate take: "The Dodgers organization has an obligation to make security a top priority now," he said. "Denying that lack of security played a role in this attack is simply sticking their head in the sand."

I finally spoke to Allison Ferraro yesterday about her publisher's note in the Los Feliz Ledger on Griffith Park Wayist. The blog has definitely toned down its rhetoric in recent weeks. Wayist also took its comments offline recently, which would be a good policy for some other bloggers who routinely use their comments sections to say what they don't have the backbone to say in signed posts, and thereby inevitably diminish their credibility. Another effective practice: I switched the setting here about two months ago to comment authentication, and it's worked very well here in discouraging harassing and irresponsible commenters.

"Every single day since this website launched, I have been asked how it makes money," Alice at The City Maven says. The blog is soliciting a benefactor for a story on trash collection, so know that and consider donating.

Now even skeptical scientists commissioned by skeptical Republican oil men, are finding that global warming is real.

Rick Orlov seemed amused on Facebook to note that the Downtown News listed him as number 21 on the downtown power list. But he'd be higher if the Daily News's site didn't load so slowly and didn't have all those browser-beating pop-ups coming out of it. The paper should join real life and archive old articles too.

Factoid: learned from Ben Boychuk today that Milton Friedman had a hand in establishing federal withholding, in WWII.

Why can we develop ballplayers so well and not writers?
That question is posed by baseball stat guru Bill James. "It is simply because we don't need them," is his unconvincing answer. Maybe the answer has something to do with the fact that the impact of writers is not quantifiable.