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Weekly rips Krerkorian, Council, Korea, &c.--and remains truly amazing at stealing ancient blog posts

Showing signs of emerging life today, the LA Weekly's two tippity-top news bloggers, Jill Stewart and Tibby Rothman, quoted Councilman Paul Krekorian as being down with Korean developer-owner Korean Air et al. in the company's Seoul-like plans for the redevelopment of the Wilshire Grand Hotel site.
"The more I hear about this project, the better I like it!" Krekorian insists.
The Weekly also heartily pats itself on the back for saying something well before other print media:
The Wilshire Grand Hotel skyscrapers had received only minimal coverage by the media until a flurry of stories in the past week -- led off by the Weekly on Wednesday, then CurbedLA on Thursday, and finally hitting the front page of the Los Angeles Times on Saturday.
Yes, that's their link, not ours. They had this story on Wednesday! Aren't you impressed with the Weekly by now?

By the way, here's a Downtown News piece on Wilshire Grand redevelopment plans from December 17, 2010.

Oh, and here's a Curbed LA post from August 2010 of last year that blows the lid off the signage issues.

But this is only "minimal coverage"--the Weekly's coverage is the real thing!

UPDATE: Hahahahah, K-Rod chimes in: "There are places in the city where billboards should be allowed to burn bright, where outdoor graphics should be bold and distracting. If you can’t do that at the corner of Figueroa and Wilshire, I don’t know where you could." Even Kevin can lay to waste yet another idiot take from the news ed of the LA Weekly.

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