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street-hassle City of LA Election Archive

Here is an archive of all posts specific to Tuesday's City election that I've made at street-hassle to-date.

I am not an editor, or a blogger, or even a journalist; I'm a writer. This is what I believe writers must do vis-a-vis politics: they must work to inform and occasionally to transform the way people perceive the very environments, tangible and virtual, of the places they call home. Against this measure, I will gladly put up my own record as a writer and a citizen in matters involving our present civic election.

Whenever you see things I write that you think are unfair, always please let me know and state your case. As a independent writer, I am also nobody's tool and no party's partisan; as a tax-averse liberal, I certainly can find merit in a wide stripe of political points of view. Indeed, this is why people on all sides continue to talk to me, and herein I extend to them my gratitude for doing so when they did so involving these races.

When I have interviewed candidates, those posts are first in a race's archive; or it is otherwise noted that I interviewed them, and often I spoke to them many times. Otherwise, the posts in this archive generally appear in reverse chronological order.

There are no endorsements here. I don't make endorsements of candidates, with scattered exceptions--the last time I did it was in a civic race was in 2009, and I think that was a prescient instance. The readers here certainly already know who they're voting for already.

CD 2

Krekorian the Contrarian

Krekorian's land-use track record makes us pause to wonder if he's running not for re-election in 2011, but for Mayor in 2013.

The Krekorian Axes

A political analysis of various voter concerns in CD 2.

CD 4

Stephen Box interview: Out of the Box
(street-hassle aslo interviewed Tomas O'Grady)

Box, O'Grady put LaBonge on the Run in CD 4
Analysis of race and candidate forum at Silver Lake Congregational Church.

Late LaBonge smear tactics indicate CD 4 race is tightening

Councilman Tom LaBonge is a very different candidate in 2011 than he was in 2001.

LA Times endorses Tomas O'Grady in CD 4

Healthy excerpts and a link to the endorsement editorial.

Box nabs Daily News endorsement

Healthy excerpts and a link to the endorsement editorial.

Out of the Box

One of Stephen Box's unusual would-be viral You-Tube commercials, with only a couple hundred views to date.

Ron Kaye: LaBonge should retire

The Clean Sweep spearhead is fed up with the Councilman.

O'Grady, Box both outwit LaBonge on civic questionnaire

The way the candidates all feel about the CRA.

When Kristin met Tomas

One community activist's anger at a candidate is deep-seated enough to potentially hurt her own favored choice.

CD 8

Old adversaries plaguing Bernie Parks

The LA Police Protection League's efforts to slam the former chief.

CD 12

Mitch Englander Interview: Que Sera Sera
street-hassle also interviewed Kelly Lord, Jr.
street-hassle also interviewed Brad Smith by phone

Patrick McDonnell almost wakes up in time to bury CD 12 race
The Times scribe assigned to Council District 12 makes analytical errors and fumbles the bigger stories and issues of the district.

Mitch Englander and the spirit of enterprise

How Enterprise Zones ended up as the defining issue in the CD 12 race.

Brad Smith's best meme: "LA's lost decade"

In a radio interview with Kevin James, Brad Smith cuts loose.

Brad Smith secures LOA from Parson for campaign

Once out, the lead challenger hops back in two days later.

Source: Englander bullied Smith out of race via employer

The great untold story of the whole election cycle, appearing here only.

Brad Smith suddenly withdraws from CD 12 race

The lead challenger candidate makes a surprise move.

CD 14

Councilman Jose Huizar interview: Jose Adelante
Rudy Martinez interview: Risky Business

Pacheco: Ever since Antonio, Boyle Heights "looked dirty"
Another bold statement from the former Councilman, who supports Rudy Martinez

An outdated, leaked poll report published by the MayorSam blog may have been a tactical ruse to flush out a mole on the Jose Huizar campaign.

Hacopian: "Huizar has multiple languages"

Rudy Martinez's political consultant issues a brash blanket statement defending his own candidate's inability to speak Spanish in LA's most Spanish-speaking district.

Panderer of ugly politics surprised by ugly politics in CD 14

After publishing nothing but dirt on the CD 14 race, the Times is surprised to find a dirty race in CD 14.

Rudy Martinez collapses, hospitalized, is advised to rest

Jon Regardie had the story on Martinez's health issues after a candidate forum.

Huizar backfire may indicate Parke is out of touch

The long bereaved sister of a cop whose badge Rudy Martinez ended up with denounces the use of the badge as a campaign issue.

Tree Trimming, Rudy Martinez style

The restaurateur turned pol cuts a tree down in front of one of his restaurants without city permission.

Rudy Martinez: Jose Huizar "Does not care about this community"

A bold statement the challenger made on an Internet radio show.

Jennie Carreon de Lacey, the great exception

A look at the new campaign manager of the Huizar team, and why more women aren't campaign managers.

Sourcing Trujillo, Sourcing Stewart
Jill Stewart at the LA Weekly makes many factual errors and some conjectural ones when speculating about the Trujillo memo.

Martinez accepts one apology, wonders about another
The challenger keeps the pressure on the incumbent regarding the Trujillo memo.

Rudy Martinez badge Complaint Adjudication

The documents filed on Rudy Martinez when he was found with an unissued police badge.

Jose Huizar fires Mike Trujillo for calling Rudy Martinez "a disgusting human being"

The full text of the Trujillo happy hour memo that ended up in print and broadcast media.

Rudy Martinez, milking it, as eastside shakes

The challenger claims he's fearful for his life, and then posts a link on the TV story to Facebook.

Martinez investigated for possessing badge of dead officer in 2004

The challenger's possession story breaks in the LA Times, even while the Times endorses him.

Times endorses Martinez

Commentary on the endorsement, and comparisons to the Trutanich endorsement two years prior.

Rudy Martinez email defamatory libel?

Martinez claims that Councilman Jose Huizar is "currently under criminal investigation" but that's not what local media says.

DA opens inquiry on Martinez campaign financing*
In a post updated three times, we note that the District Attorney has concerns over some checks issued to Martinez involving staffers at former Councilman Nick Pacheco's law firm.

Downtown News: Martinez campaign asking "really ugly questions"

Jon Regardie stays on the line with a Martinez push-poller to the bitter end.

Nick's problems suddenly blow up into Rudygate

La Opinion reports some serious accusations involving checks and the Martinez campaign.

Martinez house flips include three foreclosed properties

A listing of the foreclosed properties and a brief economic analysis of the practice of flipping.

Analysis: Rudy awful in public, Jose awful in private

The list story breaks, and less-than-inspiring performances.

TCM: Pacheco sends Parke Skelton cease-and-desist letter

Former Councilman Nick means business.

A little help for the helpless on CLARTS
A roadmap for understanding what the CLARTS fund finances, and City disclosure practices.

In CD 14 race, it's Zahniser who comes out weak

The noted Times scribe only touts the flops, not the issues, of the first campaign forum.

Huizar camp: objects in rearview mirror may be smaller than they appear

A candidate-sponsored poll indicates Huizar has an enormous lead in CD 14.

"He should be scared," Martinez says of Huizar
An amateurish campaign spot from the former cable tv pro.

Martinez files papers in CD 14

Why did he call it "pulling papers"?

School board District 3

LOUIS PUGLIESE interview: "Rather than a School Board".

Who's the ranter and who's the scribe?
A Facebook community activist shames LA Weekly ed Jill Stewart in Public Choice Initiative analysis.

Jill Stewart and Joe Barrett: beyond pathetic

Petulant LA Weekly diva Jill Stewart keeps astroturfing anyone who'll slime a teacher.

School board District 5

Riding the Mayor's Money: Luis Marquez née Sanchez
Sanchez is so detached from his own campaign a flier gets his last name completely wrong.