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Patrick McDonnell almost wakes up in time to bury CD 12 race

The Times assigned Patrick McDonnell to cover the race in CD 12 over three months ago.

Now that the race is nearly over, McDonnell files something. It's titled, Valley's Strong Front-Runner Draws Heat in Council Race.

It's not really anything related to the race, but it's something.

First, try to find the source of the "heat" being applied on Englander. If you count the graphs, you will note that McDonnell first mentions a rival to Mitch Englander in paragraph....

One? No.

Two? No.

Three? Negative.

Four? No.

Five? Nope.

Six? No.

Seven? Not!

Eight? No.

Nine?...uh, no.

Ten? No, no.

Eleven? No.

Twelve? No, no, no...

Yeah...Brad Smith is mentioned in paragraph thirteen. He's called "a former journalist who briefly dropped out of the race."

It's not like McDonnell hasn't heard sources tell him why Smith "briefly dropped out"--and it wasn't while Brad was honing his former scribe skills. I have a feeling McDonnell knew about this street-hassle post two months ago.

And what if the sources--it was double-sourced here--were wrong? Wouldn't that reflect just as poorly on Brad Smith as the story confirmed would on Englander?

We'll never know, because a news organization with the reach of the Times was not interested enough to report the biggest story of the CD 12 race.

McDonnell also reports that "Major differences on the issues are hard to find." Well, no they are not. We found one right here: "Mitch Englander and the spirit of enterprise." We wrote at length about it.

McDonnell then has the temerity to mention the fact that Englander has out-fundraised everyone to smithereens. Well, when the local former fishwrap of record mentions challenger candidates less than a week before the election, that makes fundraising a bit of an uphill battle.

These council districts are each the size of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And this is the way the Times "covers" them.

I'm not for either Smith or Englander, or Lord for that matter. But I am for democracy.

The Times has failed democracy once again. But you already know that, and that's why you're reading this, not that.

EARLIER: Source: Englander bullied Brad Smith out of race via employer, Mitch Englander and the Spirit of Enterprise, Que Sera Sera: Despite some rough times, Mitch Englander finds a lax attitude.