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Mimosas on the Terrace

Even with chillwave tsunamis lapping the coastline, it can still be a quiet City in a mellow State. Campaigns run along and run along and then they stop. Maybe they don't stop so much as disintegrate. A vista opens up, a mockingbird perches and sings, and it is time to start living again.

People are chill in Austin, where SXSW's keynote says that "School is one of the most perfect game ecosystems out there" in advising that adding game layers to schools could improve them. "School is a game where you don't want anyone to lose," he adds, advocating against grading systems.

Everyone in LA should chill for a while, because, for instance, the Daily News demonstrates its need for some mental health time, issuing one of the oddest and most embarrassing editorials in recent memory. The title suggests it's about employee benefits reform; it's not, it's about CRA spending on lobbying (?) and then takes a sharp turn and is about the State's menacing actions towards redevelopment agencies. Out of nearly a billion dollar budget, the editorial then finds expenditures of $50K a catastrophe. What does this Daily News editorial ultimately call for? "There's no doubt that it is time for California to reassess redevelopment zones and reconsider their continued existence - but not like this." If you can make heads or tails of that, let me know; I think it says, "it's time to consider eliminating redevelopment agencies--but not if we're actually going to consider eliminating them." There must be somebody left alone in the editorial department with no access to either an accountant or perhaps even a phone on weekends.

The Times got it a little better on Friday, editorializing for reform at redevelopment agencies, and not so worried about their petty cash expenditures. But it really said nothing today in this morning's quasi-editorial hoping for the fiscal best.

The LA Weekly's Simone Wilson says on LA Talk Radio Live Saturday Night of Councilman Jose Huizar and Rudy Martinez that "neither of these guys have, you know, have anything that you would want in a leader" and also says that the CD 4 race wasn't nasty enough to attract widespread attention. This is on a show that KABC's John Phillips says of tv personality Kate Gosselin that "the haircut is kind of a lesbian LPGA golf player haircut--I don't get that--she's a pretty woman but the hair needs to go."

Wilson is also asked to identify the next big City Hall story and initially posits the potential Parks recount--then ultimately she settles on the next Mayor's race. This comes minutes after Phillips insists that the City of Los Angeles will file for bankruptcy in said fiscal year. Note: LA is facing a $350 million budget shortfall in the next FY. Show is archived here.

It's the last day of Il Turco in Italia, and my last thoughts about this magnificent staging are here.

Way above: Practice Space profiler of occasional Glassell Park chillwave band-guy Ariel Pink.