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Los Feliz Ledger publishes story all about local site, doesn't name it*

The Los Feliz Ledger floats a bizarre story about Greater Griffth Park Neighborhood Council's discussion at its March meeting of anonymous attacks on NC councilmember Mark Mauceri at a site it doesn't name, and the body's discussion, led by NC councilmember Jeff Gardner, of whether or not Mauceri responded in accordance within the NC's code of conduct when responding to slurs written about him in the blogosphere.

The site at the center of the controversy is Griffith Park Wayist (note: it is a blog I once wrote for while not operating street-hassle). The site is unnamed in the piece, though NC councilmember Tor Hyams labeled the site's material “tripe. We shouldn’t even be giving this the time of day." Some of Mauceri's comments about which the board discussed may also have appeared here at street-hassle. Quoting from the piece:

Mauceri countered that his critical postings were a response to destructive attacks aimed at him and other board members by a group of activists who publish material using pseudonyms, or pen names, on a certain local blog site.

At issue were a series of opinion pieces posted on the site. The site routinely writes posts about GGPNC business and regularly take vitriolic, profane aim at Mauceri, other members of the Los Feliz Forward slate, as well as other public officials.

The site received a cease and desist email from an attorney representing Mauceri on March 19, 2010 (a letter I was invited to read and offer comments and counsel on at the time).

The site also used to call the monthly Los Feliz Ledger the "Los Feliz Liar," as it does in this post about Mauceri. The blog has in recent weeks taken all its posted comments offline.

Posting and administrative permisssions at Griffith Park Wayist are handled by Kristin Sabo, a Sunland Tujunga community activist who tends to Amir's Garden in Griffith Park and who is known to have issues with Mauceri and City Council candidate Tomas O'Grady. A blogger at the site named "Griffith Park Wayist" remains anonymous, as do the standing posts of a blogger named "Green Stealth," who no longer appears listed as a site contributor.

I removed all my own posts at the site when I left it; some of them appear here at street-hassle.

*UPDATE: the site Griffith Park Wayist is referenced in the issue in a Letter from Publisher Allison Ferraro in which she denounces Ms. Sabo, and adds, "If this group won't stop spewing graffiti on the bathroom wall, then at least they should have the guts to post their names to their rants." And she adds "Efforts to contact Ms. Sabo were unsuccessful. Emails were also unanswered."