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Election Day in Los Angeles

NOTE: Scroll down--this post has 18 updates, last (on City Clerk expectations) at 7:00 p.m.

At last, Election Day has arrived in Los Angeles. Seven of the City's fifteen powerful Council seats are up for contention, as well as LAUSD school board seats, community college trustee seats, and several key measures that could affect the financial future of the City of Los Angeles.

Election results will be posted at the Los Angeles City Clerk's site here.

Media and political organizations have made their endorsements.

The Los Angeles Times endorsements are here.

The Los Angeles Daily News endorsements are here.

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party endorsements are here.

The Los Angeles County Republican Party endorsements are here.

Ron Kaye's alternative slate, "Clean Sweep" has an endorsement list here.

You may type in your address to find your polling place here.

Our own comprehensive archive of news analysis conducted throughout the races is here, and immediately following.

Updates to this post throughout the day.

UPDATE I: Following LaBonge robo-call smear of yesterday, a story about Stephen Box and decades-old tax liens hits the LA Times. Author Kate Linthicum impressed us with her cognitive dissonance in a story on CD 14 earlier.

UPDATE II: Bizarre, anonymous LaBonge robo-call against Tomas O'Grady reported at Neon Tommy suggests O'Grady is Republican because of John Thomas's one-time presence on campaign. Thomas has advised both Republicans and Democrats.

UPDATE III: NBC handicaps races, says Huizar and Parks expected to face toughest challenges. Not much else there but candidate descriptions and district descriptions. LA Times agrees that these are the two races to watch.

UPDATE IV: I voted, strolling up Holly Vista. Plenty of LaBonge signs in the heart of Los Feliz, a few O'Grady signs, no Box signs among the homeowners on the Holly Vista terrace. Saw LaBonge doorknob-hanger on a pad on Talmadge.

UPDATE V: MayorSam "reports" LaBonge polling in second behind Box, explaining his last minute negative campaign. Not at all. We hear an internal poll indicates LaBonge is at 52-55% and trying to make sure to hit 50+1. LaBonge is nearly guaranteed 6,000 votes in the district; the question is whether the two challengers can hit that figure in aggregate, and which will be on top of the other if it happens. In 2001, Beth Garfield spent over $200,000 in the primary and bagged under 4,000 votes. Note: that election was on 9/11/01.

UPDATE VI: Whisper number from an editor who watches CD 14: Huizar 60%, Martinez 40%.

UPDATE VII: Safe Box astroturf Biking in LA says "But make no mistake. Neither Box, nor anyone else in the CD4 race, is likely to reach the required 50% to avoid a runoff." Again, disagree on the word "likely." Not at all what we've heard.

UPDATE VIII: Link from David Berger? Hallelujah.

UPDATE IX: Biking in LA is more "a fair and balanced cycle blog" than "safe Box astroturf." Nonetheless, their speculation is based on anecdotal evidence, not hard figures or whispered poll numbers.

UPDATE X: [edited 6:34 p.m.] MayorSam publishes apparent libel per se comment, but later comment disappears. Good decision on the blog's part. We take down our screenshot of it too.

UPDATE XI: The Wise Hack says, "surprise of the night could be Cardenas in a runoff."

UPDATE XII: We hear Bernie Parks in a squeaker, just hitting 50.

UPDATE XIII (2:56 p.m.) The Alt Hack says, "Parks will take it 53%+. LaBonge wins, but anything under 55% will be a devastating blow to his power."

UPDATE XIV: (3:52 p.m.) A candidate notes to me that the LA Times devoted enormous energy to a huge six-part series on Community Colleges and next-to-nothing on races in CD 12 and CD 6. Also that the fishwrap didn't even endorse in the Community College races.

UPDATE XV: (3:56 p.m.) A very unscientific exit poll in Eagle Rock has Councilman Jose Huizar landing 57% of the vote there. Extrapolating: if Rudy can't win Eagle Rock, he'll indeed lose 60-40.

UPDATE XVI: (6:25 p.m.) Friendly O'Grady faces still workin' it out in front of Trader Joe's Hyperion, encouraging shoppers to vote.

UPDATE XVII: (6:38 p.m.) That Adams Girl also endorses O'Grady. A little late, you think? But we like her style anyway.

UPDATE XVIII: (7:00 p.m.) Polls close in an hour. Results from mail-ins probably around 8:45 p.m. City Clerk was very slow reporting Krekorian runoff--what's going to happen with multiple races?

UPDATE XIX: (8:00 p.m.) Polls closed! At long last! Enjoy the party!