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Another Terrace Morning

UPDATE: Cousin Bell tweets from Southeast Asia:

Quake is "very deep" in the ground, centered in Myanmar. Follow Wildbell @ Twitter.

Bullet points from a Public Policy Institute of California poll:
  • Public support has dropped for holding a June special election on extending temporary tax and fee increases.
  • Nearly half of Californians say the amount of money that state and local governments spend on public employee pension or retirement systems is a big problem.
  • Sixty-two percent of Californians think Congress and the Obama administration are not doing enough to help create jobs.
The key finding is the middle one. It indicates that the right wing noise machine has derailed scrutiny of Wall Street and real estate failures and has had good success in vilifying unions as the source of economic evils once again. Unions are slated to fight back.

Can't LA do anything right? the former fishwrap of record asks in an editorial about the massage parlour mess in Eagle Rock that is spreading to other parts of the City.
The that Los Angeles didn't keep up with a 2009 state law changing certification requirements for legitimate massage therapists. The law swept aside local regulation of therapists in favor of uniform state certification, but it allowed cities to demand that massage businesses show their state credentials. Other cities in the region required businesses to do just that, but in Los Angeles, officials merely asked the businesses if they were state certified. Presumably, many that had no state approval said "yes" because they didn't have to show any proof.
&c. But this may also be the libertarian-legacy side of Los Angeles coming out, via the natural chasms of anarchy that attend an incompetent oligarchy. Most of us are aware that certain kinds of prostitution are now more tolerated than they were even five years ago, as well as certain stripes of drug use. Even the staid scribes at the Times tacitly admit as much when the editorial tepidly concludes that "massage parlors have arguably made northeast Los Angeles the region's prostitution capital. Angelenos certainly want their city leaders to bring in more jobs, but this is not what they had in mind." No, maybe not, but the mere act of identifying the parlors as providing less-desirable jobs--rather than denouncing them as criminal rackets--is another nod towards legitimizing the shops.

If you catch a cold at one, just know--the hospital remains no place to go if you're sick. "A deadly bacteria thought to be resistant to all known remedies has made its way to Los Angeles County medical facilities, officials said this week, adding urgency to the dire need for more powerful antibiotics....'Wash your hands, and stay out of the hospital if you can,' he said. 'If you are in the hospital, get out as soon as possible. And tell your local elected officials to work to fix this problem.'"

Tax breaks for Twitter? The tweeterie may move into the Tenderloin, and if it does, Nob Hill nabobs want to know what is the right amount tax break to give. Wouldn't it be nice and simple if taxes were simply assessed fairly for all?

What's happened to biotech in California? Not much according to the SF Business Journal. Massachusetts is catching up, thanks to government support.

The LA Press Club tonight celebrates the story that lead to the suicide of one teacher and the cancellation of thousands of subscriptions. Chronic teacher-basher Jill Stewart hosts the self-congratulatory panel.