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Another Terrace Morning

Warren Christopher died.

The Downtown News has the story on the sale of a would-be Clean Tech downtown center, now handed off to a Culver City firm, Genton Property Group, by the CRA, for "a depreciated amount." This is not the Hewitt Street site that the CRA and DWP acquired last April, but one further south, near Washington and Santa Fe. “We’re selling it loaded up with a whole lot of requirements that really do, in my mind, equal the value,” Madeline Janis told the paper. “We’re getting a good deal here because we’re getting a lot of really good jobs and a whole vision for potentially creating the centerpiece for a clean tech industry in a dilapidated industrial area of our city.”

Would anyone other than the lunatic fringe at the LA Weekly really like it if non-union labor were constructing the Metro's Expo Line? Their headline suggests the paper is disappointed that construction of bridges won't go to unskilled laborers. I'm sure they would rather the hazardous, vital, important infrastructure work go to itinerant laborers working as cheaply and with as few trade skills and worker benefits as possible.

Studio City NC decides not to help out Little Dom's, 6-5. Off the top of my head that it's better to see a 6-5 vote on a planning issue--which may indicate that an NC doesn't know how to feel about it either--than an NC nodding along even as the Council's planning deputy is in the house, and later trying to say it doesn't matter because it's a meaningless letter anyway, as recently happened with the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council. Earlier: A letter from the GGPNC, Renee Weitzer calls City Attorney's Office 'The Black Hole of Calcutta."

A reader submits that the movie poster on the left is more à propos of the Kevin James campaign for mayor than the one Walter Moore--who as far as we know is not associated with the James effort--submitted to his audience this past week. Either way, Kevin James movie posters certainly promise to be a treasure trove of alternative campaign images for the alternative candidate.

Tim Cavanaugh ratchets up the case against CRAs in Reason. He calls the California plan to kill CRAs fiscally sound, morally right and probably doomed. Via Ron Kaye.

State Republicans got together beginning yesterday and started tripping over each other immediately. Big GOP donors don't like the idea of handing over too much endorsement power to actual voters, fearing the rise of Tea Party nutjobs.

One of my favorite wishful-thinking comments ever left here was by some pajama nostradamus who insisted "Latinos are switching to Meg" about a week before the last election. It was just another, er, little white lie, but how are Republicans actually doing with Latinos? "Latino voters are widely negative about the Republican Party (26 percent favorable/47 percent unfavorable/27 percent no opinion) and widely positive about the Democrat Party (62/22/17)."
What's funny is, this is a GOP pollster concluding this. Democratic pollster Andre Pineda tweets: "CA GOP trying to get smart about Latinos with a less than smart poll. Fine by me."

Did I mention David Hernandez is going to Spain and Portugal this week? He is sensibly taking his tourist dollars to the socialist-dominated Iberian peninsula...

All this going on, and the LA Times runs a pie-in-the-sky editorial about making the car-pool lanes toll lanes, or something. Somebody downtown must have been late to something.