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Another Terrace Morning

Lonely planet: Wilbur Avenue.

I hope you haven't come here looking for real news today.

The Wilbur Avenue lane striping fiasco, which is really a face-off between cyclists and car commuters, is difficult to read politically. Both sides are angered by the perceived recklessness of the other side. Cyclists are not popular but they are often right about traffic safety; politicians, sensing that there aren't good arguments opposing them, seem to be giving the cyclists a nod-and-a-wink, tacitly supporting them even while declaring their own fealty to cars. Drivers don't have good counter-arguments other than their own superior numbers for maintaining status quo street striping; but one video of a reckless, insistent cyclist might mobilize the drivers into a more formidable political group.

Eagle Rock has become a haven for erotic massage parlors. Funny how both candidates in the recent Council race there missed this.

From the Times site, KTLA also has a story about a tree in Eagle Rock not been removed in "a timely manor." Timely Manor would be a good Harry Potter locale, methinks.

Following the prompt of the increasingly whiny and always late-to-the party LA Conservancy, Tim Rutten says LA should keep its Charles Alston and Hale Woodruff murals and not let the Smithsonian acquire them. Here they have been neglected for a half-century; elsewhere they might be admired; no matter to trite Tim. Here's his big conclusion: "The Smithsonian can't be blamed for wanting the murals, though it might keep in mind that, while the Elgin Marbles look fine in the British Museum, they'd look a lot better back on the Parthenon." And all that stuff at our Getty in Malibu would look better in Greece and Rome, and the paintings and furniture at the Huntington would find more tasteful trappings in England and France.

Adventism is growing in America
. Also, clambakes are down...