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Another Terrace Morning

You guys all go out long...

Neighborhood Council advocates had their say with the Mayor yesterday regarding the City budget. (No, those are not Neighborhood Council advocates above). One of the recommendations is the formation of a "Citizen Commission on Public Employee Pension(s) and Benefit Review." City Maven Alice Walton has details of the two-hour meeting. The recommendations seem timid and ignore the size of the police and fire budgets, the elephants in the room. Nobody seems to have a lot of confidence that the City can recover on its own. Neighborhood Councils themselves will likely face cuts up to 20%.

"To thine own self be true," &c., Paul Hatfield quotes from Hamlet regarding City budget discussions, apparently unaware that Polonius's notoriously sententious speech is meant to demonstrate what a windbag the character is. Accountants should really lay off the drama flourishes. I'll bet he would also be horrified at my suggestion that the City solve its pending fiscal crisis by borrowing from the pension plans it is beholden to.

Occasional demographer Eric Richardson has some new numbers on downtown, based on the recent census. "Population in the main tracts that define Downtown grew from 35,884 in 2000 to 51,329 in 2010." Plenty of stats with no real shockers.

The City's Housing Authority Board fired its own chief executive, Rudolf Montiel.

Those who ran in the rain-drenched marathon prove that the City is not soft, the former fishwrap of record says.

Dan Walters of the Sacto Bee says that the Governor's budget plan "sinking in ideological quicksand, abetted by outside interests." With his usual clarity, the Governor calls the Republican's attempt to block progress on issues a "zone defense."

"One of the challenges is they believe in kind of a zone defense, where they want five or six people in the room at the same time without the level of experts and staff that it takes to vet through some of the complex ideas that are being argued about," the Governor summarized.

In a surprise suit from environmentalists, a judge has blocked an air quality cap-and-trade law for not considering enough options.

Full screen pop-up ads at media sites are getting ridiculous. Not only that, they're killing clicks. If you hit the Daily News or NBC4 for one story, you won't hit them for another. Once a day's enough.