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Another Terrace Morning

PHOTO: David Berger

KPCC portrays mayoral candidate Kevin James as an entertainment attorney "who likes both Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton." James says thanks to his radio show, he's talked "to thousands of people" about what's up in Los Angeles...he spoke to two more on Wednesday.

The Hollywood Borders--a discount bookseller that ran local real bookstores out of business, situated in a mixed use, 300-unit transit hub development that brought nothing but congestion to Vine--is on the nationwide chain's execution list. This masterpiece of retail-based, hello-goodbye urban planning was brought to you by Eric Garcetti and "smart-growth" developers Larry Bond and investor Magic Johnson. It opened in 2003, impacted longstanding local purveyors such as Aldine's, changed the character of a once-unique neighborhood, and good luck with the lease after 2012. Adjacent Hollywood Farmer's Market is in some peril too.

Councilman Bill Rosendahl raises his voice to question the City's CLA and CAO about whether or not it's true that no public money would be necessary to build a stadium downtown.

Is the LA Times actually going to take home a story at the Housing Authority, or just flirt and dance with it? Jury's out. This is one of the housing departments that had no idea how many rentals were in the City a few years ago and probably still doesn't.

How can you set housing policy without knowing the City's owner-occupied to renter ratio?* The presumption that more is better does not work when it's blindly filling the rental supply. Too many rentals in every market, and too few homes, is the main reason why everyone under forty's rent is subsidized by mom and dad: there are no starter homes available to top-market renters.

When a business actually moves from the 'burbs to the City, it's not just news, it's newspaper news. Angel City opens up on the 200 South block of Alameda today. The "oldest" local microbrew is not to my taste so I guess I won't be extended any samples; on tap I'm sticking with Sierra Nevada and I sincerely hope they pour it there. Have a looksee at the new digs today; they are fairly convenient to the Little Tokyo stop, four short blocks south. Image via hypebeast.

But don't mind me. I also found it annoying that brickyard representationalist JR, who adorned Angel City's loft district warehouse, scored two local covers this past month, and stunning soprano Nino Malchaieze got none. I guess it's not JR's fault for having a better publicist.

Hey hey Boo-boo: we hear that the fabled SoCal Connected Yogi-in-the-Park piece was hatchet-job from start to finish, dependent on makeshift visuals, in which the KCET program even failed to ask the Rec and Parks Commissioners a single unloaded question, like how prevalent and how permanent an acknowledgment of park donors might actually be.

Thanks to CityWatch, &c., for taking the drama of the last GGPNC meeting to da hoi pollu and trying their best to start a catfight between the City Attorney's office and LaBonge's that may actually draw some attention to something or other. It won't work, nothing will happen, the NC will capitulate to the wishes of the developer, the developer will run to the bank with the neighbors-friendly letter in pocket, &c. &c., but thanks again for trying.

*Psst.: it's 38-60%. In healthy cities, it's 50-50.