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Another Terrace Morning

Back to--flipping burgers? CD 12 Candidate Brad Smith is not a short-order chef by trade, but he became one yesterday, after a heady campaign that snared him a respectable amount of votes but handed Mitch Englander the CD 12 Council seat. Smith was anxious to put the race behind him and go "back to the future" at Parsons Corp. Howard Cohen laughed off the second-place finish, and the consensus wisdom oft heard at the campaign-closing Smith backyard bbq was, "At least we made Mitch spend all his money."

Ron Kaye's faithful watchdog Bruno has a formidable rival: the Governor's tweeting first-dog SutterBrown. Woof, &c.

If you have some time, go back to this page--the City Clerk's election results page. You'll note that in all races, the only man who cracked 11,000 votes in any CD was Mitch Englander--more even than Paul Krekorian in purportedly active CD 2. Yet Englander garnered only 58% of his district's vote, while underperformers such as Tom LaBonge and Tony Cardenas, who both scored vastly lower vote-counts, earned right around that percentage. The bottom line is, Englander enters office with a lot of anonymous, machine-manufactured votes and a weaker mandate in his District than the 11,000 total suggests. The privately combative Englander, who has blown off many Neighborhood Councils in his district, and is far better known in north-of-CSUN circles as "Downtown Mitch" in a district that feels isolation from and contempt for City Hall, will have to work hard to keep the restless natives happy.

The private riff between Ramon Cortines and the Mayor was exposed a little more with outgoing Superintendent Cortines's recommendation that more teacher groups than charter groups lead public choice schools. Brian Bauer of Granada Hills charter whines ""It's inexplicable, It seems he ignored our track record - academic and financial - and the overwhelming community support we had." Staged community support does not get you far with career academics.

There's a mini grand canyon in Orange County. Billionaire Donald Bren didn't need to build a monument to himself; he simply found one in nature and deeded it. Limestone Canyon was donated to public custody by Irvine Corp.

Do LA's radio pundits matter to the State's political landscape? An AP wire story insists they do as John and Ken urge jobless Republican bluehairs to call their Assembly offices when they fear one might be drifting towards support of Governor Jerry Brown.

Is Jane Usher going rogue? An City Attorney's office observer indicates to us that she's not so involved with Carmen Trutanich, and he's not so much involved with her these days. But that's just chisme, take it or leave it. Either one of them engaging political reality on Med420 would be a welcome event.