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Another Terrace Morning

No strained Pakistani relations here.

A shockingly interesting story appears on the former fishwrap of record's op-ed page, and it begins this way: "Surely a screenplay is already in the works. An American diplomat guns down two men in broad daylight in Lahore, Pakistan. The diplomat, who secretly works for the CIA, is apprehended and turned over to the local police. In his car, according to news reports, is a Glock 9-millimeter handgun, 75 rounds of ammunition, a global positioning system device, a survival kit and a satellite phone..."

Some thought I was too hard on Patrick McConnell yesterday, but some thought I was not hard enough. It seems the closer to elected office you were, the more likely you were to think not hard enough. Look, I don't really blame him, I blame his editor. Mostly. But this has been, indeed, utterly lazy journalism, and even worse, when you know the facts of the race, it veers into creative writing, which is not journalism at all.

Carmen the Clown's med 420 lottery, which may or may not be Constitutional, has 228 hopefuls but only 100 slots for the finale. The whole process is even more contorted by the cutoff date: your shop had to be doing business on September 14, 2007 to earn a lottery ticket. But some shops didn't register with the City on that date, while others did--and you can bet the second a shop that registered loses in the lottery to one that didn't, we'll see more litigation...

John Myers wonders if Jackson Brown's visit to the Governor's office means that Running on Empty will become the new State song. The link between Brown and Browne is Linda Ronstadt, onetime date of the Guvnor, who hired some backup singers from a band known as The Eagles, of whom Browne was also a member.

Out of nowhere, Mike Gin jumps into the race to succeed Jane Harman. Good move for the Honorable Gin, the the Mayor of Redondo Beach; he's not only Gin, but he's gay and out and he's GOP.

Yesterday was World Book Day, which Rodger Jacobs says is not much celebrated in America because of fear politics. "Make no mistake about it: this isn’t about pensions and benefits, it’s about a rising tide of anti-intellectual fervor in the United States and it’s as complex a socio-economic puzzle as you’re likely to come across, factoring in the disrespect for artistic copyright generated by the easy access of the internet to intellectual property over the last decade, and a growing respect for simplistic logic of the type spun by the likes of Sarah Palin that gave birth to the Tea Party movement, a political answer to the two-party system born from fear because there has been a lot of rapid change going on in the world the last few years and fear, well, it scares the hell out of the masses and leads to a mistrust of thinking people and those who read books."