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Without a tax hike

This is apparently supposed to scare you, because there is lots of incomprehensibly awful stuff on it. The California CAO's office has laid out the kinds of cuts the State will be obliged to make without a take hike. Attendant story here. Why drill off of Santa Barbara for a scant $100 million, not even 1% of the deficit? Why no real prison reform?

Public schools: Eliminate K-3 class-size reduction. $1.275 billion
Public schools: Change kindergarten start dates beginning in 2011-12 so that children who turn 5 after Sept. 1 cannot be enrolled until following year.700 million
Public schools: Eliminate state support of home-to-school busing.500 million
Community colleges: Eliminate state subsidy for intercollegiate athletics.55 million
Community colleges: Eliminate state funding for PE and fine-arts classes that are repeated for credit or that give no credit.85 million
Community colleges: Increase fees to $66 per unit.170 million
UC & CSU: Increase tuition an additional 7 percent for UC and 10 percent for CSU.270 million
UC & CSU: Reduce institutional financial aid by 5 percent.74 million
UC & CSU: Reduce operating expenses by 5 percent at both university systems; reduce personnel costs by 10 percent at UC and 5 percent at CSU.623 million
CSU: Reduce enrollment by 5 percent.124 million
Cal Grants: Limit income eligibility; limit awards to stipends only; eliminate some fee waivers; raise minimum GPA for eligibility.135 million
Social services: Reduce In-Home Supportive Services wages to minimum wage.300 million
Social services: Eliminate food stamps and welfare for immigrants.190 million
Social services: Eliminate full Medi-Cal benefits for newly qualified immigrants and some permanent residents.120 million
Social services: Eliminate Adult Protective Services, which investigates elder abuse.55 million
Social services: Reduce CalWORKs - the welfare-to-work program - benefits.270 million
Public safety: End some special grants to local public safety agencies for such programs as juvenile crime prevention. 506 million
Public safety: Reject various proposed prison system expansions.426 million
Public safety: Delay court construction projects and take funds from an emergency fund.250 million
Public safety: Reduce parole term for existing parolees from three years to 18 months.125 million
Resources and environment: Allow new oil drilling off Santa Barbara County coast.100 million
Transportation: Take transportation funding, including money for local transit and intercity rail, for general fund relief.400 million
State workers: Reduce pay an additional 9.24 percent (equivalent to two furlough days a month).700 million
State workers: Reduce state contributions to employee health care by 30 percent.330 million