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Otra mañana de la terraza

You may have thought all the hot hoops action was at Staples last weekend, but last night Caltech snapped a 310-game conference losing streak dating back 26 years, beating Occidental 46-45.

LA businessman and nostalgia-riddled telly commercial guy Sanford Sigoloff has died at 80. The State could use some of his fiscal discipline.

Smart growth is not so smart when cities fail to place jobs near transit-hub housing, according to a Public Policy Institute paper.

How's this for incentive to cancel a subscription? The LA Times' biggest self-inflicted embarrassment, Jonah Goldberg, says simply that "public unions must go." It is Jonah Goldberg who must go. The fishwrap will find that out after losing a few thousand more subscriptions for its caprice.

Far more responsibly, the SF Chronicle compares Wisconsin to California and determines that the Golden State is extremely unlikely to face similar State-v.-union showdowns. Not listening, Assemblyman Allan Mansoor has already introduced a bill hoping for ending collective bargaining for pensioners. Mansoor, formerly the mayor of Costa Mesa, is one of our most isolated new Assemblymen: as mayor, he joined the Minutemen movement in 2006. His bill is destined to go nowhere.

Mother Jones has good charts of eight things wrong with America. Jane Harman continues to be worth over $400 million...that's one right there.

The State Senate will take up a bill touting alternative energy mandates this week. The Times finds a way to write a tepid editorial about the bill, calling for not much other than asserting that "it's very important for the standard to take the form of legislation rather than a gubernatorial order."

Councilman Jose Huizar tells a senior editor at the Times that challenger candidate Rudy Martinez does not speak Spanish. This revelation comes as Huizar and Newton are walking LA's most Spanish-speaking district. Calls in to Rudy Martinez's campaign regarding this went unanswered.

And here they come: the patented Parke mailers. First one to arrive blasts Martinez's lobbying efforts on behalf of cigarette smoking at restaurants. Meanwhile, Martinez continues to use social media to scrounge up photos of blight in the District.

Compton's school board throws a wrench into the parent triggering of McKinley Elementary; the law may simply be unworkable in practice. The school board's vote was unanimous, 7-0.

Does this sound like policy, or equivocation? "A break-up is happening," [LAUSD School Board member Tamar Galatzan] said. "Charter (schools) are breaking up the school district ... and we don't know yet if this is a good thing or not." If after five years we don't know, it's probably not.