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Mimosas on the Terrace

We have endured the snow and frost. Be careful about buying citrus trees from nurseries for a while, though...

That was fast. Governor Brown has made two trips to LA to visit the Chamber of Commerce here--we reported one Thursday--and on Friday the august and largely moderate business org emphatically endorsed his solutions for fixing the budget mess. So did VICA for good measure.

Downtown News, which has been following the CD 14 race far more closely than other print publications, endorsed Councilman Jose Huizar for reelection, over challenger Rudy Martinez. It also expresses disappointment over the way the race has been run to-date, adding "in a sense the district has already lost." Even so, it sees Broadway as a work-in-progress under Huizar, and suggests that "people are united in a way they have not been before." They also say of Martinez "his campaign platform frequently relies on generalities and hopes rather than the political realities required to do the job."

Pro-union demonstrators, who have been unimpressed by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's color coded union support, showed up in force yesterday at City Hall. How about taxing the rich, they wonder?

Who's in the best position to become the next Mayor of San Francisco? There are seven candidates of note. We think it's either the appointed Mayor, Ed Lee, or well-liked Assemblyman Leland Yee. People inside City Hall itself are positioning themselves as outsiders.

Now's the time to learn what the State's Little Hoover Commission is, Joe Matthews says.

Jane Harman officially steps down tomorrow. Marcia Winograd's entry into the race could complicate things for Debra Bowen, and help Janice Hahn's candidacy. Winograd and Hahn have both long coveted the seat; Bowen is the progressives' darling.

It's amazing to me that after substantively remaking Hollywood, Councilman Tom LaBonge continues to tout bringing a traffic light to Hillhurst and Finley as a CRA "accomplishment" and a Tom LaBonge accomplishment.

Scott Folsom left a message here yesterday. Folsom is a write-in candidate for the seat that Monica Garcia's chief of staff Luis Sanchez is also vying for on the LAUSD school board, the District 5 seat. His blog 4LAKids is representative of his campaign: quixotic, intelligent, policy-wonkish, maybe to a fault. Folsom has been on the District's Bond Oversight Committee for a long time.