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Mimosas on the Terrace

Blog guy and Patch guy.

Five white guys, four in blue jeans and one from AOL Patch in slacks and a sportcoat, led a panel on hyperlocal blogging at KPCC's newly nice multimedia room in Pasadena yesterday afternoon at an SPJ-LA event. If you want to be a hyperlocal blogger, you must be crazy, but the AOL guy suggests you work for Patch and hope to god it works, Zach Behrens of KCET says start with your neighborhood council and let loose, and Ron Kaye of RonKayeLA says to shack up with someone with a good job. Other speakers included Jesus Sanchez of The Eastside LA and Timothy Rutt of Altadenablog. Lots of questions about money vis-a-vis advertising and lots of wrong answers to them. Nobody asked the Patch guy why they insist on using annoying autostart videos only.

All panelists refreshingly agreed that the purported firewall between editorial and advertising has not only all but disappeared but in truth has never been very thick.

Kaye has recently broken down the race between Bernard Parks and the DWP/IBEW's candidate, Forescee Hogan-Rowles. Parks is the leading fiscal conservative on Council; the IBEW would rather elect someone who knows nothing at all about the City budget, and they have found a stooge in Hogan-Rowles.

Look for Republican Assemblyman Chris Norby of Fullerton to become a larger figure in California GOP politics--should he become a little more shameful. Norby spearheads a group that figures to become a strange-bedfellows friend to Governor Jerry Brown--the Municipal Officials for Redevelopment Reform--and he mostly owns the "Mermaid Hotel" meme-of-convenience that rocked the State Capitol this week. He's also been married four times, and otherwise most recently gained notoriety when claiming a $340-a-week hotel bill as a taxpayer expense when his last wife kicked him out. He was also found one night in 2009 sleeping under a bush in Santa Ana. In the words of a Facebook friend, this is one redevelopment reformer who appears to be in perpetual need of a transitional-living hotel.

The revelation of the LAPD complaint adjudication on Council District 14 candidate Rudy Martinez continues to hound the Martinez campaign. The Times has reported that the issue has "moved front and center" into the campaign dynamics. In 2004, Martinez was caught in possession of a badge belonging to a slain officer, and was accused in the police report of not cooperating with the subsequent investigation. There are more fireworks expected tomorrow at the LAPD building downtown.

The sin verguenza implications of Badgegate have also remade Latin-left Valley of the Doll into LA's Wonkette (see artwork, right) and white-right MayorSam into a sociopathic cesspool of cognitive dissonance.

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Forgotten cheerleaders in the surrendering of downtown to out-of-town AEG are Janice Hahn and Maria Elena Durazo. Hahn was one of two City Council cheerleaders present at the Tuesday Farmers Field announcement. The other was, natch, Jan Perry. If you don't know, Hahn is chair of the Council's Trade, Commerce and Tourism Committee. See our earlier item on Dirigible Day downtown, and Jon Regardie's column in the Downtown News.

Hundreds gathered in East Los Angeles on Saturday to honor one of the pioneers of the lowrider culture, Jesse Valadez, who died last week.

Name to note: Dean Vogel was elected president of the California Teachers Association yesterday. The organization has over 300,000 members.

Candidate Brad Smith opened up a campaign office in Porter Ranch last week. Or maybe it was Granada Hills. Or maybe it opened in Porter Ranch, closed after Mitch Englander talked to the owner about the lease, and re-opened two days later in Granada Hills...