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Jose Huizar fires Mike Trujillo for calling Rudy Martinez "a disgusting human being"

Well, it's CD 14--you knew they'd have to think of something that nobody has ever thought of.

Former Jose Huizar political consultant Mike Trujillo, Latin-voter wunderkind to Antonio Villaraigosa and Hillary Clinton, got drunk out of his mind--I hope, and I hope on tequila--at a Super Bowl warm-up party Friday, and spewed the following to a list of political confidantes:

In the book of Luke the Bible says "If someone slaps you on one cheek/ offer the other cheek also. If someone demands your coat/ offer your shirt also.

As a good Christian I believe we have run out of cheeks and to be clear there are no more coats to hand Rudy.

We are going to unleash the dogs of satan on Rudy and he is going to wish he never heard the words "team huizar."

I treated him like i was a cat playing with a trapped mouse, weli now he is going to be the dead rat he really is.

Between now and next 36 hours - please check this e-mail thread regularly (yes even during the superbowl) We are about to put a political bullet in between Rudy Martinez's forehead and make him pee in his pants too.

Once the LA Times breaks the story they are working on (even if they water it down, it won't matter) I am going to need everyone to be prepared for a press conference Monday morning in front of the new LAPD HQ - next to the memorial wall off of 1st street.

Also once the Times story breaks - I am going to e-rnail you guys a confidential internal LAPD report on Rudy Martinez that I want you to send everywhere. I will NOT be using our official campaign list just yet (prefer to wait til tuesday) but over the weekend I want friends and enemies to have this information. (too bad we don't have some sort of "Iist" that would make this so much easier)

Once you have it - get it to everyone - hell even email Rudy himself and send him the report - (just not this email telling you to send it to Rudy, hehe)

This is a game-changer.

Rudy will be exposed for lying to the LAPD, the LA Press and from here on out - everything he says will not be believed.

He is a disgusting human being that needs to be sent back from the vile bag of tripe he emanated from --- Otherwise - stay tuned and Happy Friday! Go Steelers!


Chief Parker
Sayonara, Mike. Ron Kaye has more. More at our later post.