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Another Terrace Morning

A reader submitted photo of Griffith Observatory to the former fishwrap of record. More and more content is for free.

This narrative about the Paulistas badgering Dick Cheney at CPAC shows that compared to the Ron Paul faithful, even the neocons seem human.

The Times discovers an error in the legislative analysis of Measure H by Miguel Santana's office. It says that the error is likely to affect any outcome. How do you vote on a flawed measure, then? Obviously No. But it's such an arcane measure that it doesn't really matter. As usual, the people will go to the polls and then nothing will happen. As Emma Goldman said, If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal.

The fishwrap also wants a Yes vote on Measure G, which will start to roll back police pensions.

Someone open another donut shop north of Devonshire: some money is found in CD 12, and it goes straight to the LAPD. I'd be curious to learn how many of the beneficiaries actually live in the City of Los Angeles.

Republicans got out the vote in the Antelope Valley. Democrats did not. It was Sharon Runner in a special for the State Senate seat there. She has large looming health issues. Her husband is in the State Assembly. But Ted Lieu kept the 28th. These elections are fairly meaningless, change nothing, and impact us not a whit.

We are ever more reliant on tinsel as other industries fail. County economists try to paint this as a good thing.

The estimable City Council today takes up the Mayor's plan to hand over some City parking to private gougers in the name of raising revenue.

Anything with the word "doomsday" in it certainly does not demonstrate how well things are going. But the LAUSD has more doomsday scenarios than boxing does Fights of the Century.

Here's another instance of why Christianity is going to hell in a handbasket these days: too much hypocrisy regarding sexual preference. This outbreak of intolerance, decades old but only recently flaunted, is at Westmont College in Montecito.