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Another Terrace Morning

And another WeHo morning

Comes now a very sad day, one in which the LA Times editorial board completely lost its collective faltering mind. You'll think so too when you read their shocking No on Measure L endorsement.

It will seem like I'm making this up, but I'm not:

In the abstract, cutting library hours seems hard to defend. But what if the alternative is to hire fewer police officers, or to cut gang-intervention efforts, or to make new businesses wait longer for permits, or to close down graffiti-removal programs?

What? Most would cut all those things before library hours. Because longer library hours assure that we need fewer police, help people form new businesses, enable youths to stay out of gangs, and are de facto graffiti prevention programs.

Senator Diane Feinstein, no favorite of the netroots, and an alumna of Camp Hillary in 2008, endorsed Janice Hahn for Jane Harman's Congressional chair. There is lots of pressure from progressives for Debra Bowen to run, but the District is more purple than blue.

Councilman Jose Huizar picked up the critical La Opinion endorsement. He needed such a local newspaper endorsement to stay comfortable in the race. The editorial reads in part:
The councilman has done a good job with an ambitious agenda in his first four years. During this period, the district piloted an increase of green spaces, the expansion of the metro’s Gold Line, the opening of educational centers and the initiation of economic development projects such as the plan to revive downtown’s Broadway commercial corridor. He has worked tirelessly on gang-related issuess, attracted investments, and maintained a commitment to the arts and culture.

Huizar’s leadership has had a positive impact on district residents, especially in Boyle Heights and El Sereno. Not as much progress has been apparent in the city’s Northeast part, which is the reason for opponent businessman Rudy Martinez’s campaign. Despite this, we believe Huizar’s administration has been adequate in northeast areas like Eagle Rock, for example, as to merit a second term.

Over the past four years, Huizar’s prior experience on the LAUSD's Board of Education has been extremely useful. In the same way, we believe that his first-term experience will help him be more effective during the second four years.

&c. It reads like a refreshing return to reality in opinion after some debacles we've seen at the Times and Daily News over the past week.

Is your alma mater CSUN? You can't be pleased if it is with the way things are heading.

When Councilman Tom LaBonge says "It's all on the table" as he does by rote, some enterprising candidate should remind him that that apparently means commercializing our parks and handing over Barnsdall to LACMA or MoCA. What will Tom LaBonge take off the table? It's too bad Billy wasn't on the table in the run-up to the crisis.