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Another Terrace Morning

Mark Ridley-Thomas, perpetually vindictive, labor-backed County Supervisor, is lending assistance to labor-backed former DWP commissioner Forescee Hogan-Rowles in her challenge to Councilman Bernard Parks. Parks is also the one incumbent that Ron Kaye's LA Clean Sweep endorses.

Lots else happened over the weekend: Rudy Martinez reneged on his pledge to "stay positive," even after flaunting his signing of the agreement to stay positive in an email blast, and The Daily News endorsed Stephen Box over Tom LaBonge without even commenting on the ground-gaining candidacy of Tomas O'Grady at all.

The Daily News, as usual, says some really bizarre things, seemingly meant to trip Box up even as it endorses him: it says "his biggest obstacle is communicating his message and his platform" and devotes most of the editorial in explaining its contention. This is completely bizarre. In candidate fora, it's Box who has danced circles around LaBonge in the clarity department; Box has drawn specific plans for rectifying the city budget, and LaBonge's stock answer "Everything is on the table" to every budget and backing question is not clarity. In fact, I can think of several other things that are bigger obstacles to Box other than his communication skills; that he doesn't drive a car, for instance, is one, he appeals mostly to renters rather than homeowners in a heavy homeowner-vote district is a second, and the fact that he's currently not even second but third in the race in fundraising is another. But the Daily News's editorial page is in a race to the bottom with the LA Times' editorial page vis-a-vis local campaign coverage; its editors, like the Times editors, should leave the building once in a while, and come to the community, rather than insist that the community come to them.

Tim Rutten in the former fishwrap of record slammed Carmen the Clown on Saturday, also comparing his actions as City Attorney to a wannabe Mubarek. (Remember, this is the same Clown the LA Times endorsed in his race against Jack Weiss). The anonyblog LA Dragnet provides a recent decent history of the tenure of Carmen the Clown as City Attorney. (There is also some stuff about me there that made me blush). But what is obviously happening now is that the Times and Daily News alike are not nearly doing an adequate job of vetting candidates before endorsing them. What we have to say to the paper now is, where were you in 2009, when these things were already obvious?